Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspired by a Fashion Comeback

I recently discovered the Sundance Channel. There are so many great shows and one in particular has left me really inspired. It’s called “All on the Line” with Joe Zee. In tonight’s episode, Joe helped an old fashion designer friend, Gemma Kahng, make her comeback to the fashion industry. She was a huge success in the 1990s, but along the way, her success was lost. She was surrounded by people who drained her energy, and that pattern was repeating itself again this time around.

With the help of Joe, her inspiration was reignited. They visited the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as some really fabulous stores, and Gemma’s inspiration was back. She started sketching some really gorgeous designs, and created lots of positive momentum. But she still had people working closely with her who were draining her energy and not uplifting or supporting her at all. Joe suggested she let them go, and when she did, she soared!

I learned so much about life from this show. Joe talked about letting go of what’s not working and focusing on what is working. Surround yourself with people who love you and uplift you, and let go of people who drain you. He also talked about second chances. Gemma was given a second chance in the fashion industry and she ran with it! She soared so high because she had the support of an amazing friend with fabulous connections, and she did it. He truly believed in her and that helped her believe in herself.

Another thing I learned was that you can’t do it all alone. She was trying to do it all by herself. In the fashion industry especially, you need people surrounding you who believe in you; people who believe in your vision and want you to succeed. Even if you are an artist or a writer who works alone, you still need people around you who support you and believe in your vision.

Joe had connections at a very upscale store that would put Gemma on the map again. The chances of her getting into this store were really slim. I think they see 300 to 400 designers a week and literally most of them are turned away. And she got in! This showed me to let go of impossibility thinking, and embrace the notion of anything is truly possible, especially if you are around people who are on your side and willing to help you succeed.

Yet another thing I got was from the scene with Norma Kamali. Apparently Norma is one of the most powerful women in the industry. She said she started out in the back of her husband’s store, and basically no one knew she existed. Joe asked her if her husband held her back from pursuing her vision, and she said, “I let him hold me back.” That’s so profound. No one can hold you back from pursuing your dreams. It’s totally up to you. We are each powerful individuals, capable of accomplishing many wonderful things.

It’s tempting to buy into the illusion that it’s someone else’s fault if you don’t succeed. Let that go and realize you can live the life of your dreams, and even more so if you are surrounded by the right people. If you don’t have positive supportive people in your life, put the request out there and realize that there are infinite ways for them to show up in your life. Just be open and ready…

I feel inspired to reclaim my own power and strengthen my vision of what’s possible for my life. It’s time to soar!

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