Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flowers in my Kale...What?

So the Universe brought me flowers today! I have this daily calendar called “3,650 things to be happy about,” by Barbara Ann Kipfer. On each page, she writes ten things that make her happy. She is also the author of “14,000 Things to be Happy About,” which I remember from years ago! She now has an updated version…

On today’s page, one of the things she mentioned was “welcome home” flowers. I just loved the sound of that and I sort of reveled in that good-feeling place for a few seconds.

So tonight I opened up the kale I bought yesterday and as I was washing the kale leaves, I noticed a small yellow flower right there in one of the leaves. I was so excited and accepted it as a huge gift. I really delight in the simplest things J

As I continued to wash the kale, I saw another little flower, then some petals, then a little stem with about 10 or 15 little buds on it! This was such a huge gift, and it showed me the tremendous power of genuine appreciation. I didn’t deliberately sit there and try to manifest some flowers. I simply reveled in the beautiful image of those welcome home flowers this morning, and I was in a receptive mode as I washed my kale, and there they were!

Life is magical!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blue Dolphin Connection

I was reminded, yet again, that everything happens for a reason. I turned on my computer yesterday and for some reason, I wasn’t connected to the Internet. I did the usual things to try to fix the connection but it wasn’t happening. So I felt inspired to look through some documents that I have saved in my computer. I came across a story I had written some time last year about a former client at the spa where I used to work. I noticed her adorable dolphin tattoo as I was giving her a facial. I reached to get a towel and I noticed there was a white tag with a bright blue dolphin on it. It simply said “dolphin.” It was so unusual and it was the only towel I had ever seen in the spa with that specific tag on it. All the other towels had either no tag or a simple white tag.

So after reading this story and several other inspiring documents, I went on a beautiful long walk. And on my walk, I looked up at this white house with a small blue wooden dolphin above the garage! To me, this was the biggest gift because I felt so connected and so reassured. I felt like my angels and guides were playing with me. And the funny thing is, I don’t usually walk down that particular street! I’ve only been down that street one other time! My usual walk is on a completely different path. Interesting…

I’m starting to see how inspiration and intuition work. One thing leads to another. One moment of inspiration leads to another moment of inspiration…I read that story and I was compelled to walk down that street and look up at the blue dolphin. It amazes me! And very often, when something is frustrating, or if something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, see it as a blessing. If my internet connection was working just fine, I would never have read that story, and I would have never had that experience of synchronicity and connection with the blue dolphin.

This experience came to me at a perfect time because I had met someone wonderful, and things ended really abruptly. For a week or two, I’ve been analyzing the situation to bits, without a sense of resolution. I now realize that it all happened for a reason. I feel a sense of comfort knowing that there’s a gift in this, and that it’s most likely a blessing in disguise. I feel free now, letting go of all attachment, letting go of what I think should have happened, and embracing the idea of a life filled with new beauty, new inspiration, and complete freedom!