Friday, January 14, 2011

The Magic of Surrender...

One of the main reasons I write this blog is to remember all the special, inspiring moments that I’ve been experiencing lately, and to sort of document all the insights I’m having. So of course, I had to document the lovely afternoon I had today!

As I said in a previous post, I feel very inspired to begin a new journey of physical fitness as part of my spiritual journey. So I went to the local Borders bookstore in the mall to buy a few more magazines and a book about fitness. I found a bunch of gorgeous magazines, and the book I wanted, and I was so excited! I paid the cashier and I felt like I was walking on air! I walked by one of the TV screens and I saw Jennifer Lopez in a commercial for American Idol. She said, “You are capable of doing anything!” I took that as a personal message for me, and I thought, Thank you!!

When I got to my car, I realized that I forgot to give the cashier my coupon. I was annoyed with myself, but then I had this sense that “there is a reason for this.”

So I went back into the mall, and as I was walking, I noticed this guy walking ahead of me. He literally stopped in his tracks, turned around, and looked completely dumfounded. I smiled at him because he looked like he might have been lost or confused! He looked right at me and said, “You probably have a boyfriend or a husband or whatever, but I just have to say, you are incredibly attractive!” The way he said it was so genuine and so passionate! It really made me feel so good. I said thank you and we parted ways.

To me, this is evidence that my inner shifts are causing my outer world to change, and apparently other people can tell! And I realized I let go of a lot of the struggle last night after that good cry. That sense of striving is mostly gone…it’s such a nice feeling…The magic is in the surrender.

So I went back to the bookstore, and the cashier and I had a good laugh about the coupon. I had noticed her beautiful wedding ring earlier but I didn’t say anything. So the second time around, I told her how beautiful her ring is. She lit up and smiled and said thank you, and told me that they’re still so sparkly even after four years! It was such a nice moment…And I also noticed another cute guy at the next register J

I just remembered something else: A few weeks ago, I did a free trial at One of the guys who winked at me looked very fit. In his profile, he wrote that he wants someone who can keep up with him, because he has a very active lifestyle. I think this also sparked within me a desire to be stronger and in better shape.

This is all making so much sense!

Now I’m just enjoying my evening, enjoying these beautiful magazines, and most of all, enjoying the fact that all I have to do to connect to that beautiful place of peace is to simply take a breath and I’m there J

Sometimes You Just Need a Good Cry!

I was feeling very grumpy last night so I decided to go to one of my favorite places: Borders! I thought my mood would shift, but I just kept getting more and more irritated. I picked up a book and the agitation continued.

Then I read something about connecting with the Divine, and I was like…why do I need another book to help me connect with the Divine? I just want to connect! I put the book down and left. On my drive home, I started to cry out of sheer frustration. In the privacy of my car, I started talking to the Divine. I started saying things like:

I’m trying so hard. I know so much stuff. I’ve learned so much over the years. Why isn’t my life getting better? I just want to live a happy, successful life…
What’s going on???

The tears were streaming down my face as I spoke from a truly authentic place. Then, something happened: I felt this huge sense of absolute peace. I floated the rest of the way home and that peace stayed with me for the next few hours. I mistakenly watched some tv and interestingly enough, it took me out of that peaceful place…but good news: I got there again today, and I’m still there now!

I had a lovely afternoon, which I’ll write about and post here of course J

Fitness Inspiration...A Brand New Beginning for Me!

About a month ago, I was out shopping for a new bra, since I had literally outgrown my old ones. I guess one benefit of gaining some weight is that some of it goes to your boobs! (The eternal optimist in me shines throughJ)

The woman who was helping me was really busy. I tried on one of the bras she chose for me and I sat on the stool in the dressing room waiting for her. I saw myself in the mirror and I noticed how much extra weight I was carrying around my midsection! I had never noticed this before.

I bought two new bras and I also took a pamphlet of their new collection. I looked through the pamphlet when I got home and I admired how nice the models’ bodies looked. They were so slim and fit. I think a desire to have a slim and fit body sparked within me in that moment. I cut out a few pictures for my Vision Book, but none of them truly inspired me, so I just put them in my picture box.

The other day, I went to Borders and I was drawn to the cover of this fitness magazine. I never notice those magazines, but the girl on the cover looked so happy and radiant. She was absolutely glowing! Then I noticed her before picture, and I was astonished! She used to weigh 206 pounds! I thought: how could someone who once weighed over 200 pounds have such a toned, fit body? (see below)

I was mesmerized. I looked through the magazine and saw more success stories and realized: maybe I can do this too! And to top it all off, the girl on the cover (Chady Dunmore) mentioned that she uses a vision board!

I've gone through some emotionally exhausting experiences over the last few years, and emotional eating has been one way I’ve been dealing with it. Needless to say, I've put on a few pounds!

I went on a diet when I was about seventeen. It lasted less than a week. Dieting is not for me. But looking through this magazine, I realized that these women are not dieting; they have adopted new, lifelong eating habits. The way they eat and live now is not temporary; this is their new way of life!

I realized that I want to get in shape because I know how good I’ll feel. My clothes will feel comfortable, I’ll feel sexy and beautiful, and I’ll enjoy wearing skirts and heels again! I think I’ll feel better in general. And I’m starting to feel like this physical transformation is a huge part of my spiritual journey.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Rome and Thoughts on "The One"

The other night, I watched a really delightful romantic comedy, “When in Rome.” There were so many great moments. My favorite scene in the whole movie was when Danny Devito’s character said that he made a wish in the fountain in Rome, not to bring his wife back, but to feel the way he felt when she was alive. I could feel my heart center open wide. I realized that I really want a deep and true love relationship in my life.

When the movie was over, I sat at my computer and felt this gentle urge to Google “Calling in the One,” by Katherine Woodward Thomas, which is a book I had heard about a while ago, but I didn’t know anything about it or the author. I simply typed in that phrase, and I clicked on the link to the website. Usually when I want to find out more about a book, I go directly to amazon, but for some reason, I went to Google and was led to the author’s website. On her website were two videos from when she appeared on a morning talk show. On the second video, the guest mentioned that she met a great guy shortly after starting the program, and he proposed to her in Rome, Italy!

Then I looked up the book on amazon and I read the entire preface in one sitting, which is unusual for me! I usually need to take breaks when I read. I wanted to continue reading but it was really late. In her preface, she mentions that she made an intention to be engaged by her birthday which was 8 ½ months away…and the funny thing is, MY birthday is 8 ½ months away! How amazing!

A few days before all this, I started a seven day free trial on and there was a guy I found interesting whose screenname was RoamItaly! Also, my step-brother is traveling from Athens to Toronto, and his flight got re-routed to Rome somehow! I love this synchronicity...

So the next day, after seeing this movie and reading about the book, I went to Borders to buy it. The funny thing is: I noticed so many cute guys everywhere! This one guy got in line behind me and I was really drawn to his energy. He seemed very grounded and centered. He was talking on his cell phone and I really liked his voice. Then I went to Whole Foods and the same thing happened: there were cute guys everywhere! I noticed this one guy who sort of looked like he was a musician and an artist. He was tall with beautiful dark hair, and an air of strength and quiet confidence about him. We made a little bit of eye contact and it was fun!

There has definitely been a profound shift within me…

Very exciting J

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Faith and Dreams Fulfilled Now!

I’ve been exploring what the word Faith means to me, especially in terms of my desires and the dreams I have for my life. All these years, I’ve been in this place of longing for a life that I love, hoping and wishing that things would get better. But lately, I can see how this approach is just not working for me!

A lot of spiritual teachers and authors explain that you must feel as if your dream is fulfilled now; not some time in the future, because the future never gets here! And the law of attraction is responding to the feelings you are projecting right now. So if you keep wishing and longing for something, you will keep experiencing that place of wishing and longing, as opposed to the fulfillment of your dreams. It makes a lot of sense…but it’s a new habit, and it takes practice.

So here are some definitions and synonyms of faith that I really like:

Belief that is not based on proof
A knowing
A sure thing

Some thoughts on faith from Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch:

It is a gut-level clarity, a total certainty, a complete acceptance as reality of something
This place of knowing is a place of intense and incredible gratitude
It is a thankfulness in advance
And that, perhaps, is the biggest key to creation: to be grateful before, and for, the creation

All Masters know in advance that the deed has been done

Abraham-Hicks talks about how faith is standing in the vibrational knowledge before the evidence is shown.

I want to talk about being grateful for the manifestation of a desire before it gets here. My way of doing this, which feels believable to me, is through visualizing (which is another concept that keeps showing up everywhere lately!). I get into a peaceful, relaxed state, and I gently start to conjure up images of my dreams that feel good to me. (It takes very little effort. The images just seem to come up!) For example, one of my dreams is to have my own home. So I picture myself there, already living there. The other night I did this, and it felt so real! I could almost physically feel my feet on the stairs and my hands on the railings…it was amazing.

I really like this concept! More to come…

Happy New Year!

I have a feeling it's gonna be a good one!

Here's to 2011: the year of prosperity, love, joy, bliss, fun, connection, and wishes fulfilled!

Faith Everywhere!

Lately I’ve been watching a lot more television than I usually do. I watched a little bit of the Desperate Housewives of Orange County, and I was surprisingly inspired. One of the ladies was wearing a black tank top with the word “Faith” across her chest in huge rhinestones. There’s that word again! She and her husband were packing for a trip to Turks and Caicos (a beautiful island) to renew their vows.

I was so inspired by the way they expressed their love for each other. The husband was crying as he expressed his feelings. It was beautiful!

Okay this is too weird: I took a break from writing this (It seems I have a short attention span!). I was lying down on my bed and I picked up a book I’ve had for a long time…years. I literally opened up the book to a page that has the word “faith” written (by me) on the top margin! Who knows when I wrote that word! And how amazing is it, that I literally opened it up to that exact page. Wow! What???

Do you think the Universe is telling me something?

I’m recalling all the other times that this word is showing up lately:

I went to a friend’s house and she had a huge quote on the wall about faith.
On Christmas Eve, I went to a close friend’s house and within a few minutes of being there, her father in law mentioned a quote from the Bible about faith.
I also keep seeing it in a lot of the books I have…in fact, after seeing the woman wearing that tank top, I thought of the book, "The Game of Life and How to Play It" and wondered if there was anything written about faith in that book. I flipped through a few pages and landed on a whole section on faith!

This is the most obvious and compelling synchronicity I’ve ever experienced, and I am definitely paying attention!