Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gorgeous Time Lapse Videos

I find it remarkable that I got two totally related videos from two very different newsletters on the same day! These videos are so beautiful...I had to share them here.

An orchid blooming (time lapse)

A beautiful TED talk about gratitude...powerful! (featuring this man who does time lapse videos!)


Friday, December 23, 2011

Be Still My Soul...

I consider myself spiritual, not religious. I'm open to learning from all kinds of teachers and information, as long as it rings true for me in my heart. I went through what I lovingly call my Christian phase about eleven years ago. I was really interested in reading the Bible and it was perfect for me at the time. There was a lot of really beautiful music that I remember listening to back then, and probably my favorite group was Selah. Their music got me through a tough time.

So last night, I was driving home and the song "Be Still my Soul" came to me. The lyrics are so beautiful and perfect for me right now. And I love that I have a new perspective on the meaning of it. Here's a video someone put together on youtube:

So beautiful...

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Answered Prayer!

The other day, I looked over at my bookshelf and I was drawn to pick up the book "Open Your Mind to Prosperity" by Catherine Ponder. I have a ton of books, but for some reason, I was really drawn to this one. I flipped it open to a paragraph that inspired such clarity and insights. Here is the quote:

"By first listing your desires and then picturing them, you create your good on the invisible plane. You gather the substance ("gold dust") of the universe together on the invisible plane. But it is through the spoken word of prosperity that your words then move on that invisible substance, form it as definite results, and give it birth in the visible world."

When I read this, I felt such clarity and I immediately started putting it into practice. I started saying some of her beautiful affirmations out loud. I noticed that I felt better, I felt powerful, and even a little bit lightheaded! And something just clicked for me. Some of the affirmations I said were:

I am a divine idea in the mind of God, and I am now guided into my true place with the true people and with the true prosperity.

I have a wonderful job with wonderful pay.
I do a wonderful service in a wonderful way.

The next day, my parents ran into a friend they had not seen in about four or five years. Of course they asked how the kids are doing. He said his daughter is a consultant for a natural skin care line, and that I might be interested in it as well. I've always been drawn to the world of natural health and non-toxic products, but I got away from it a little bit after going through some challenges in the last few years.

I talked to her the next day and she told me more about it. The company's products are vegan, botanically based, and nontoxic. Something clicked for me. I knew this was a tremendous opportunity. She dropped off a tote bag filled with gorgeous products for me to try. I tried the products and I fell in love! Everything smelled so good and my skin felt amazing. When it was time to give them back, I didn't want to!

A few days later, I attended her launch party and I knew this was something I wanted to pursue, even though it was (and is) so far out of my comfort zone! I signed up and became a consultant! It has only been two weeks, and I've already grown so much and learned so much about myself.

This experience is answering so many of my heart's desires, including:

Skin care that is nontoxic and awesome
Makeup that is nontoxic and awesome
Having people around me who have similar outlooks and interests as me
Having my own business with my own schedule and...
Making money!

The possibilities are very exciting, and I'm so grateful. Now it's just about aligning with people who have similar desires. Time for more affirmations!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Update on My Braco Experience

Earlier today, I had a very enlightening experience regarding Braco's livestreaming event. You can check it out here.

At approximately 2:58, I noticed there was an email from Braco's people. It was sent out at 2:55 with an announcement that they were going to do a free livestream for the people who couldn't access the earlier one, which was starting at 3pm!

Even with all the insights and clarity I experienced as I mentioned earlier, I was still curious to see what it would be like. I quickly logged on and I figured, why not.

There was a short introduction, and then Braco was announced and he began his gaze. I immediately felt a tingling sensation at the top of my head which lasted for a few seconds, and overall I felt peaceful. The gaze lasted for about ten minutes. Right now I feel pretty normal--maybe a little more relaxed.

It felt a lot like having a Matrix Energetics session, which is simply a form of energy work. I really feel like it's all the same! We are all using different methods to access the same thing: Pure Divine Love!

Neale Donald Walsch posted a really beautiful quote on facebook yesterday that sums it all up:

"What the soul is after is the highest feeling of love you can imagine."

Sounds good to me!

(image from Google search "field of flowers")


I had a truly enlightening experience today. I registered for Braco's livestreaming session about a week ago. I was so excited about having this experience because I had heard so many amazing testimonials. I logged on twenty minutes early, typed in my information, and...nothing.

Five minutes later. Still nothing.

Twenty minutes later, I finally realized I was really missing it!

I wasn't concerned about the tiny $3 charge, but I was feeling really upset because I was so looking forward to having a miraculous experience myself!

Then I got the sense that I don't "need" to go to another person for my own enlightenment.

I do believe that Braco is providing a wonderful service to lots of people, just as any healer or teacher, but I realized that I can have experiences of healing, divine love, and miracles whenever I choose to! I simply have to tune into it and I'm there.

I emailed a friend who was also registered to see if she got to see it or not. She didn't either! It was such a blessing to have this shared experience because we both gained so much clarity from it! We truly took a frustrating situation and saw the huge blessings that came out of it.

She told me that she used to follow a teacher for many years, and every time she was in his presence, she would feel so blissful and so enlightened. She thought she needed him to have those feelings. She then realized that she was feeling so good in his presence because her energy was focused in a way that made her feel good! In other words, this feeling of enlightenment and bliss is available to every one of us at any time!! All we have to do is find anything and everything to feel good about. It can be as simple as admiring a beautiful flower, enjoying a sunset, enjoying beautiful music, connecting with people...the list goes on.

I learned so much from this experience today. I am actually grateful that I didn't get to see the livestream! I feel so empowered because I know I can achieve this bliss on my own.

I realized something else: I watched some of Braco's youtube videos and listened to people's testimonials. I noticed some people were crying, and many reported miraculous healings. I realized it's possible that they experienced these things because of their belief. They believed that Braco has this gift...this healing gaze, and so they released resistance; they released tension, and they allowed their own connection to their Soul to come through!

There is so much more to say about this! It's fascinating and I love how much I'm learning every day. Life is truly amazing and I am grateful for all the clarity and understanding that keeps expanding!

Here's to your own enlightenment!

(image from Google search, "field of flowers")

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creating a New Normal

I've heard the concept of creating a new normal from about four different sources lately so I am definitely paying attention!

It stood out for me when Oprah mentioned it on her Lifeclass the other day. She said that when we experience a loss of some kind, we tend to want things to be back to normal, or back to the way they were; but we have to actually create a new normal! I felt such relief when I heard this! 

I lost my brother five years ago--not to death, but simply because of a family disagreement that resulted in him choosing to cut off all communication. Even all this time later, I miss the days when we spent so much time laughing, talking, hanging out...I miss the family get-togethers that resembled feasts...I miss so many things about those days.

But after hearing this idea of a new normal, I'm actually letting go of attachment to the past, and I'm starting to feel excited about what I can create now.

The physical world around us is so compelling, but I'm starting to believe that the world of our desires can be just as compelling. If you're in a difficult situation, it's so in-your-face that it can be hard to look beyond it and realize that it can change! Yet if you look back on your life, you'll notice that your life is constantly changing. Nothing is permanent. This is the nature of grow, to evolve, to change!

Use the power of your focus, your imagination, and your thoughts, to step into your new world! Write new I AM statements and post them everywhere around you, meditate, connect with new friends, read new books, look at things from a higher perspective, and most importantly, spend more time thinking about your delicious desires! Enjoy the thoughts of your deepest dreams. Bask in the world of your imagination. Create your new normal in your heart and mind, and soon you'll see your world change to conform to your beautiful imagination.

(Note: if you're interested, the places I've heard of this concept were from Oprah on her lifeclass on OWN, Abraham-Hicks in their video "Weird is the new normal," Harrison Klein from his interviews, and Robin Retallick from

(image from Google search "pathways")

It's All About Perspective

I often wonder how people overcome difficulties, ranging from small to big. We all experience challenges, but how do we overcome them and thrive again?

This is what I've learned from hearing stories over the years: support from family and friends is key. Another key to recovery is seeing the event from a higher perspective. Also, having something positive to focus on: a new project, or something that honors the person you lost.

On one of Oprah's live webcasts, Iyanla Vanzant said "Your issue becomes your cause."

But what do you do when you don't feel like doing anything? How do you recover when you don't see the point to any of it? That's when you need to reach out the most. Call someone, email someone, reach out in some way, and you'll find that the sadness starts to dissipate.

I heard of Braco about a year ago. He is known for his healing gaze, although he doesn't call himself a healer. At his live events, he stands in front of the audience, and simply gazes, and reportedly, people experience feelings of profound peace and love, and miraculous healings. I signed up for the live online event on 11/11/11 so I can experience it myself. It's only $3! From what I read, it seems that Braco is a conduit for pure divine love. I think what he's doing is allowing divine love to flow through him, and touch everyone in the audience.

The reason I bring this up is because I feel like love truly heals everything. What does that mean? It means that when you look at something through the perspective of love, it all makes sense. I've learned that when someone hurts another person, they are actually in pain. I've seen this over and over, in my own life and in stories I've heard.

So, what is the answer? In my opinion, the answer is: 

Go within and get in touch with the part of you that knows only Love.

There are many names for this: your Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, Total Self, Divine Self...but it's really unnameable. It's simply the part of you that is completely at peace, completely wise, and completely loving...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reflections on our Global Connection

The other day, I announced and celebrated my 100th blog post! I was so excited and I even announced it on facebook, which was a first for me. It feels great to be really open about my spirituality and express my outlook on life with my friends and family.

But then...

I realized it was actually my 89th post! I had eleven drafts saved, which made it look like there were 100 posts.

I realized that there are lots of blessings in this:

I now feel more inspired to catch up to that 100-mark and do the announcement all over again

The timing was perfect because I had just watched Oprah's Lifeclass and webcast about living your truth, and I was feeling really inspired

Now my facebook tribe is aware of my blog, and I feel more connected to that awareness, which is continuing the flow of inspiration...the ideas keep pouring in!

I'm feeling really grateful to have a platform like this where I can express my thoughts freely. I love that there is the potential that anyone who reads my blog will feel uplifted and inspired. I love having a place like facebook and twitter where more and more people can read my work. I love this experience of a global connection. I love knowing that we are all spiritually connected, and I love how facebook and twitter capture the symbolism of our spiritual connection.

Life keeps unfolding magnificently. Each day brings a new awareness, deeper insights, and clearer understanding. I am grateful for what I know, and I am grateful that I keep learning more and more every day.

What are you grateful for?

What are some blessings that have come out of a frustrating experience you had?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

PS: Check out Oprah's new book! Release Date is 11/15/11

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Friday, October 14, 2011

I Am Beautiful (My 100th Blog Post!)

I overheard a really lovely conversation at the Barnes & Noble cafe the other day. It went something like this...

Barista: Look who it is! Isn't she beautiful?
Customer: Yes I am!
Barista: Oh, you're so conceited!
Customer: I'm not conceited; I just know the truth.

Now this was a completely playful and fun conversation, but that last statement was actually really profound. Why is it considered conceited to acknowledge and proclaim your own beauty?

For most of my life, I was so confused about my own sense of beauty. People always used to tell me I should be a model, and I honestly thought they were completely out of their minds! I must have had a mild case of body dysmorphic disorder. I actually thought it was very bad and wrong to feel beautiful. I even had a hard time naming this post! I think we should all celebrate our own beauty and uniqueness no matter what other people might think or say. If they are being judgmental, they need to look at themselves and ask why.

It's interesting because this very topic was discussed on Oprah's Lifeclass and on the live webcast with Cheryl Richardson afterwords. Cheryl was telling everyone the interesting and unique practices she does, like looking in the mirror and proclaiming things like, "How'd you get to be so cute!" She also has an app on her iPhone that she programs with loving messages to herself that she receives every hour. I love it!

I think Cheryl must be doing something right because, first of all, she's sitting with Oprah teaching a world wide class! Also, she has written a book with the wonderful Louise Hay ("You Can Create an Exceptional Life"). She has written many bestselling books, and she also does lots of speaking engagements.

I was really inspired by this, and I'm also feeling grateful because it also ties into my previous post about the power of I AM statements. I love how everything is coming together!

So the next time you want to proclaim your own beauty and magnificence, just remember that you're simply proclaiming the truth. And when you proclaim the truth, you inspire others to do the same.

(By the way, this is my 100th post and I'm very excited and proud of my blog! I mostly do this for me, but I also know that some people read it, and so I love knowing that I'm uplifting at least one person's day. I have so many stories in my head that are just ready and waiting to be expressed!)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Power of I Am!

Life is really taking on a magical quality lately! It feels like things are changing and shifting in the best ways. I'm taking a look at the most helpful things that have made the most positive difference for me, and I want to summarize them here.

I usually browse the Abraham-Hicks discussion board at There are always tons of inspiring stories and quotes on there. There's a section where people post notes and quotes from the most recent workshops, and there have been so many gems for me. I'm going to paraphrase and summarize my favorite concepts and insights from those notes:

Release tension about what-is. What-is is only a temporary place. It's the first step on the journey to where you're going. And it's a reflection of your current thoughts and vibration. (This thought gave me the biggest sigh of relief! I feel like I've released years of resistance and tension when I started practicing this!)

Another thing they said was "Source doesn't freak out about anything." They also said it in another way: "There is no tension in Source about anything." This is one of my favorite things to say when I see something that upsets me. They also said "Source is on it!" This is my go-to statement when I start to worry.

Another thing that has been magnificently helpful and magical is something called the "I AM Principles," taught by Harrison Klein. I discovered Harrison when Jeneth Blackert interviewed him on her teleseminar series. Her series is called the New Wealth Experience, where she does interviews with spiritual teachers about wealth and spirituality. I had never heard of her before, and I've only listened to a few minutes of only one of her interviews previously, but I felt compelled to listen to this one.

I was so inspired and immediately felt the power of the I AM Principles, which are simply statements that you start with the words I AM. For example, I Am Love, I Am Joy, I Am Peace...You can also say things like I Am richly supplied, I Am divinely guided, I Am talented, etc. It's all about the state of being that you feel when you say them.

I've been playing with statements like: I Am clear and bright. I Am abundant, I Am Love, I Am Peace...It has only been a few days and I can already see so many changes. For example, for the last four or five days, I've been decluttering everything! I've felt so compelled to get rid of old things that I don't need or want. I found a check for $105 from last May that I never deposited! I feel compelled to eat more fresh veggies. I watched a video on hypnosis yesterday and I heard it mentioned twice more today!

I feel so blessed with all these fresh insights and I'm sharing them here so that you can be blessed also! This is just a sampling of everything I've been learning and integrating lately, and I'll definitely be sharing more!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspired by a Fashion Comeback

I recently discovered the Sundance Channel. There are so many great shows and one in particular has left me really inspired. It’s called “All on the Line” with Joe Zee. In tonight’s episode, Joe helped an old fashion designer friend, Gemma Kahng, make her comeback to the fashion industry. She was a huge success in the 1990s, but along the way, her success was lost. She was surrounded by people who drained her energy, and that pattern was repeating itself again this time around.

With the help of Joe, her inspiration was reignited. They visited the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as some really fabulous stores, and Gemma’s inspiration was back. She started sketching some really gorgeous designs, and created lots of positive momentum. But she still had people working closely with her who were draining her energy and not uplifting or supporting her at all. Joe suggested she let them go, and when she did, she soared!

I learned so much about life from this show. Joe talked about letting go of what’s not working and focusing on what is working. Surround yourself with people who love you and uplift you, and let go of people who drain you. He also talked about second chances. Gemma was given a second chance in the fashion industry and she ran with it! She soared so high because she had the support of an amazing friend with fabulous connections, and she did it. He truly believed in her and that helped her believe in herself.

Another thing I learned was that you can’t do it all alone. She was trying to do it all by herself. In the fashion industry especially, you need people surrounding you who believe in you; people who believe in your vision and want you to succeed. Even if you are an artist or a writer who works alone, you still need people around you who support you and believe in your vision.

Joe had connections at a very upscale store that would put Gemma on the map again. The chances of her getting into this store were really slim. I think they see 300 to 400 designers a week and literally most of them are turned away. And she got in! This showed me to let go of impossibility thinking, and embrace the notion of anything is truly possible, especially if you are around people who are on your side and willing to help you succeed.

Yet another thing I got was from the scene with Norma Kamali. Apparently Norma is one of the most powerful women in the industry. She said she started out in the back of her husband’s store, and basically no one knew she existed. Joe asked her if her husband held her back from pursuing her vision, and she said, “I let him hold me back.” That’s so profound. No one can hold you back from pursuing your dreams. It’s totally up to you. We are each powerful individuals, capable of accomplishing many wonderful things.

It’s tempting to buy into the illusion that it’s someone else’s fault if you don’t succeed. Let that go and realize you can live the life of your dreams, and even more so if you are surrounded by the right people. If you don’t have positive supportive people in your life, put the request out there and realize that there are infinite ways for them to show up in your life. Just be open and ready…

I feel inspired to reclaim my own power and strengthen my vision of what’s possible for my life. It’s time to soar!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Find Things Easily!

The other day, I was looking for a specific quote about affirmations in one of Alan Cohen’s books. I knew I just read it recently but I couldn’t remember which book it was in. I looked for it with a sense of urgency and frustration and kept experiencing the not-finding of it.

I stopped what I was doing, walked into the kitchen, and thought a few gentle thoughts like:

I’ve found things before that I thought were lost
Nothing is lost in the mind of God
I find things easily…
Of course I can find this!

They were just a few gentle thoughts that felt soft and encouraging, and I believed them. I sat down and felt a gentle urge to look up the book online and type one of the key words into a search box, and I found it within seconds!

I loved this experience and I learned a lot from it. I learned that when I’m in a state of frustration, it’s a cue to step back and shift my thoughts a little, and sort of reframe it. I shifted my thoughts and my circumstances shifted. It was so easy!

Here’s the quote I was looking for:

An affirmation is not an idea you repeat many times in the hopes of talking yourself into it and making it true. An affirmation is a statement that is already true, which you are helping yourself remember.”

--Alan Cohen

Another thing he said:

“The spirit within me loves to hear the truth about itself"


By the way, these quotes are from his lovely book, "Relax into wealth."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Spontaneous Disappearance of Problems!

On my way home from work the other night, I drove up to my exit and saw this sign:

“Ramp Closed Friday 9pm until 5am”

I get out of work at 9pm on Fridays. That means I would have to take the back roads to Ocean Township which would add at least ten minutes to my ride home, which is already forty minutes.

Normally I’d get all worked up and annoyed, but for some reason, I let it go, and I didn’t make a big deal of it. I saw the sign three more times after that, and then the fourth time I saw it, they changed the day to Saturday!


A few weeks ago, I was informed that one of the corporate executives was coming in for the annual inspection, and that I would have to give her a facial. Everyone was saying that she was very intense and asked a lot of questions, and that I would have to follow the facial protocol exactly, otherwise the spa would fail inspection. I was told she was even going to count how many times I pumped product out of each bottle! Initially, I told myself I could just spend the weekend memorizing everything and I would be fine for Tuesday when she was scheduled to come in.

I ended up spending the weekend with friends of the family. I had such a great time. We drove down to Cape May, we went out to eat, we laughed and had so much fun! I didn’t memorize anything. In fact, I didn’t even think about the inspection!

So Tuesday came, and for some reason, she had to reschedule! How amazing…

Then about a week ago, she came in for the inspection. I didn’t have to give her a facial at all. She simply asked me to explain the steps of one of the protocols. I only talked to her for about three minutes. And that was it. Amazing!

I’m so glad I didn’t worry or get stressed out about these things. These are small examples, but I’m inspired to use this approach all the time. What I learned is this: 

Worrying is useless, and being lighthearted and trusting in a positive outcome is everything!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pleasantly Obsessed with Gratitude!

“God spoke to me about you in my prayers this morning!”
What a great way to be greeted at work, by the beautiful, sweet, loving, nurturing Janice.

We’ve had lots of inspiring conversations in between clients for the last couple of months, and today was no different. When she finally revealed God’s message for me a couple of hours later, it wasn’t what I expected to hear. It wasn’t a message about my future, or my soul mate, or anything like that. It was a message about starting an I Am Grateful journal. At first, I felt a little “underwhelmed” because I feel like I’ve heard this so many times…

But as I thought about it, it started taking on a magical feeling. I continued the rest of my evening gently thinking thoughts beginning with “I Am Grateful…” and everything that unfolded after that was completely magical. I experienced instant rapport with three people I never met before. (It’s funny, I talked to my friend Chris who recently moved to Texas, and he was telling me about how friendly everyone is over there!) I felt inspired to buy Rhonda Byrne’s Gratitude Journal, and when I got to the bookstore, there were two women right in front of the section where the book would be. We started chatting and suddenly she placed a book on the shelf, and guess what book it was? It was the gratitude journal! No joke!! I told her that’s the book I was looking for and she was like, wow!

I also feel grateful because I remembered the concept of feeling gratitude in advance. This inspired thoughts like: I am grateful this worked out. I am grateful my body feels so balanced and happy. I am grateful for my amazing new job! I am so grateful I have all the money I need right now, etc. It felt so good to think thoughts like that. And they were very gentle; not forced at all. It all felt very natural.

I am grateful for all the magic that is unfolding out of this beautiful state of gratitude J

(Side note: the image is the cover of the raw foods book "I Am Grateful" by Terces Engelhart with Orchid)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Feel-Good Pathways

I read a really profound and important quote in Linda Howe’s May 2011 newsletter:

"As a single footstep will not make a path on the Earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives."
--Henry David Thoreau

It made me realize how deeply entrenched I’ve been in my old ways of thinking. I keep catching myself focusing on the one thing that went wrong during my day, or on my current problems, past challenges, and future worries. It’s no wonder I haven't seen the results I want.

I was also inspired by Jackie Lapin’s newsletter this morning. Her article is titled “Energy Flows Where Concentration Goes.” This is a concept I’ve been familiar with for years, but when I read it this morning, it felt so clear to me. After reading it, I took a closer look at Thoreau’s quote, and really took it in. It made me realize that I want to build new pathways of thoughts that are lined up with my desires.

In her article, Jackie talks about how a bunch of challenges were piling up in her life. She realized that all of it was simply a reflection of her own energy. When I read that, I realized the same thing is going on with me. I’ve been worried and stressed out about all of my “issues” and nothing has improved. Yesterday I had a close call, which resulted in a very tiny injury, but it was still enough to wake me up. I’m thankful that it was minor, and I’m looking at it as a wakeup call…an indicator of where my energy is.

Time to switch!!!

Some of the things that Jackie did that helped her change her energy:

She did a guided meditation
She set clear intentions about what she wanted
She stopped looking at what was lacking and realized she had plenty of resources
She began to focus on something new

Sounds like a good start!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flowers in my Kale...What?

So the Universe brought me flowers today! I have this daily calendar called “3,650 things to be happy about,” by Barbara Ann Kipfer. On each page, she writes ten things that make her happy. She is also the author of “14,000 Things to be Happy About,” which I remember from years ago! She now has an updated version…

On today’s page, one of the things she mentioned was “welcome home” flowers. I just loved the sound of that and I sort of reveled in that good-feeling place for a few seconds.

So tonight I opened up the kale I bought yesterday and as I was washing the kale leaves, I noticed a small yellow flower right there in one of the leaves. I was so excited and accepted it as a huge gift. I really delight in the simplest things J

As I continued to wash the kale, I saw another little flower, then some petals, then a little stem with about 10 or 15 little buds on it! This was such a huge gift, and it showed me the tremendous power of genuine appreciation. I didn’t deliberately sit there and try to manifest some flowers. I simply reveled in the beautiful image of those welcome home flowers this morning, and I was in a receptive mode as I washed my kale, and there they were!

Life is magical!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blue Dolphin Connection

I was reminded, yet again, that everything happens for a reason. I turned on my computer yesterday and for some reason, I wasn’t connected to the Internet. I did the usual things to try to fix the connection but it wasn’t happening. So I felt inspired to look through some documents that I have saved in my computer. I came across a story I had written some time last year about a former client at the spa where I used to work. I noticed her adorable dolphin tattoo as I was giving her a facial. I reached to get a towel and I noticed there was a white tag with a bright blue dolphin on it. It simply said “dolphin.” It was so unusual and it was the only towel I had ever seen in the spa with that specific tag on it. All the other towels had either no tag or a simple white tag.

So after reading this story and several other inspiring documents, I went on a beautiful long walk. And on my walk, I looked up at this white house with a small blue wooden dolphin above the garage! To me, this was the biggest gift because I felt so connected and so reassured. I felt like my angels and guides were playing with me. And the funny thing is, I don’t usually walk down that particular street! I’ve only been down that street one other time! My usual walk is on a completely different path. Interesting…

I’m starting to see how inspiration and intuition work. One thing leads to another. One moment of inspiration leads to another moment of inspiration…I read that story and I was compelled to walk down that street and look up at the blue dolphin. It amazes me! And very often, when something is frustrating, or if something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, see it as a blessing. If my internet connection was working just fine, I would never have read that story, and I would have never had that experience of synchronicity and connection with the blue dolphin.

This experience came to me at a perfect time because I had met someone wonderful, and things ended really abruptly. For a week or two, I’ve been analyzing the situation to bits, without a sense of resolution. I now realize that it all happened for a reason. I feel a sense of comfort knowing that there’s a gift in this, and that it’s most likely a blessing in disguise. I feel free now, letting go of all attachment, letting go of what I think should have happened, and embracing the idea of a life filled with new beauty, new inspiration, and complete freedom!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Power of Music

An amazing thing happened at my friend's house yesterday. Her and her husband had to leave for a little while, and I stayed with her son and her sister. As soon as they started to leave, her son started crying—it was more like wailing! I’ve never seen him cry that hard. It was intense!

I said a quick prayer in my mind…something like: what can I do?? I looked over and noticed his toy drum. So I picked it up and started to gently tap a rhythmic beat. He stopped crying almost instantly, and he just watched me. I kept it going for a while and he calmed down really quickly! I was amazed.

This reminded me of the Baby Bob Marley video I saw on youtube a few months ago. I’ve only shared it with a few people because the father makes some comments that might offend people. Which is sad because it’s such an astounding thing to watch. In the video, the little boy, who is probably around 18 months old, is throwing a tantrum. But then the father puts on Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley and the boy instantly smiles and starts bopping his head to the music! I will always remember that remarkable scene…

I wish more people knew about this! I’ve seen so many parents struggle to make their child stop crying and “behave” when it could be as simple as just putting on some soothing music, or even singing to them. I remember when my nephew was little, someone was changing his diaper and he was fussing and just didn’t want to stay still. I started singing “So Fresh, So Clean” by Outkast (it was the first song that popped into my mind!!), and he just looked at me and smiled!

I’ve learned, just from observing my friends who have kids, and parents in general over the years, that children love music. They respond to it. And I’ve also noticed that they require something that captures their attention. Their minds are so creative, so active…they don’t want to just sit still! They want to utilize their creativity. If a child has a toy or a game, they’ll be happy and occupied, especially if they’re in a restaurant, a waiting room, etc. I don’t have children, so this is all purely from observation, and of course, these are just my opinions J

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Power of Peace, Love, and Joy

You really can find inspiration everywhere. I just turned on my tv and saw the end of an episode of “Chopped,” which I hardly ever watch. They showed the winner, who was talking about how much he loves his daughter. I loved seeing all three judges moved to tears. I love that I was also moved to tears! It’s amazing how powerful love is. He taught his daughter that it’s not what you say, it’s what you do. At the end of the show, he said, “No matter what, always do your best.”

This is something I was just reading this afternoon in Russell Simmons’s book, “Super Rich.” Russell talks about treating the bottom rungs of the ladder with the same passion and intensity as the ones at the top.

Which reminds me: there were lots of synchronicities that happened today.

I spent the day with my close friend Rebekah, her son, husband, and sister. We watched “Did You Hear about the Morgans” and ordered Chinese food. Her sister’s fortune cookie mentioned the choice of non action, and I was just reading about that in Russell’s book today!

In the movie, Hugh Grant’s character opens the movie with a very long voicemail message, in which he mentions an ice sculpture. After the show “Chopped” ended, this other show began called “Ice Brigade” which is about a team of ice sculptors! Seriously, what are the chances? That movie came out in 2009, and I how often do I watch the Food Network? Not that often!

This reminds me of another significant synchronicity:

I’ve had this desire to just escape to an island and live a simple, quiet life, away from all the stress and pressure of modern life. But then I read a different perspective from two very different authors: Lee Carroll (channel for Kryon) and Russell Simmons. Russell talks about how we don’t need to go to a mountain top and meditate to be peaceful and happy; we can live life as a moving meditation, and be peaceful and present no matter what.

Kryon talks about how we might be living in a place that feels unenlightened, yet we are needed there to hold the energy. This feels like such a relief! I always thought I was supposed to move to a laid back place like California or some island where I could meditate and be at peace 24/7. I love this idea of being wherever I am and holding the energy of love, joy, and peace.

I could easily write pages and pages on these ideas…and I probably will eventually! But for now, I’m sending out rays of peace, love, and joy.

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