Thursday, December 30, 2010

Faith and Feeling it Now!

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks!

Babysitting (something I haven’t done in years!), getting sick on too much eggnog (what was I thinking! Eggnog? Really?), Christmas, lots of snow…and of course, some really wonderful synchronicities J

There has been a strong and frequent reoccurrence of the word “faith” seemingly everywhere! I’ve also been coming across the concept of feeling that your desires are fulfilled now, as opposed to wishing and hoping that they will come true.

I discovered that my brother has a blog. He just started it in October. I read it and most of it made me feel sad, but there was one thing he said that made so much sense to me: “You can’t be thankful and hopeful for something at the same time.” (paraphrased) To me, this is brilliant.

It applies to this wonderful concept of feeling the reality of your desires, even before they physically manifest. This is being thankful for them now!

I think it really first started with Mike Dooley’s book. Then I realized that Abraham has been saying the same thing! Then I noticed the same concept in an Ernest Holmes book, then in Neville Goddard’s “Your Faith is Your Fortune.” (There’s that word faith again!) This concept is everywhere!

This is fun to play with. I have a friend that I talk to a few times a week. We talk about what’s going well and sometimes we play with visualizing. I love the beautiful images that show up when I just relax and gently describe what I see. I’ve described my dream house in vivid detail, a massage on the beach in Aruba, dinner parties at my house with close friends, my slim and sexy body, and lots of other wonderful things. It’s so fun!

This is just the beginning of a new level of understanding. So exciting!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue Butterflies

I’ve been working on a beautiful vision book (basically a vision board in the form of a scrapbook). I’ve been enjoying the process of finding beautiful pictures and words and putting them all together.

I’ve loved blue butterflies for as long as I can remember. (I think what started it was seeing a picture of one in the CD booklet of Under the Pink by Tori Amos—one of my favorite albums of all time!)

So of course, I have a bunch of pictures of them in my collection. As I was looking at one in particular, I remembered my days of wanting to become a Holistic Health Counselor a few years ago. I remembered creating a name for my business: Blue Butterfly Wellness. I picked that name because blue butterflies symbolized so much for me: freedom, lightness, beauty, elegance, even strength…a sort of spiritual strength.

The next day, I got my mail and I didn’t even look closely. Later that night, I picked up one of the envelopes. It was from Bank of America. On the back, it said, “Give your business a boost.” I turned it around and I noticed on the address, underneath my name, it said “Blue Butterfly Wellness!”

I was in awe. I just stared at those words, wondering…how in the world??? It’s kind of astounding because I created that name years ago! How did Bank of America find it? And how amazing was the timing?

These synchronicities are getting more and more amazing!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Constantly Amazed...

I am constantly amazed at the beauty of life these days…and the ease in which things are happening for me. It’s amazing how easily things unfold when I stop trying so hard!

I’ve been watching reruns of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the last few days, and I’ve really been appreciating and enjoying all the huge success and abundance that I’m seeing.

On one of the episodes, the ladies get invited to a dinner party, hosted by a friend of theirs named Mohamed. His house was absolutely exquisite. Its beauty and grandeur are beyond description. I remember having the thought: I would love to find out more about this man. Talk about success!

A couple of days later, I was at the bookstore, looking through some delicious homes magazines. I’ve been working on a gorgeous vision book, filling it with the most inspiring pictures. I picked up Dream Homes International and Unique Homes. The copy of Unique Homes was sealed, but I had a really strong urge to buy it anyway (it’s very unlike me to buy a book or magazine that’s sealed! I like to check things out before I buy)

Later that night, I was looking through the magazines, just enjoying all the gorgeous pictures, when I noticed a write up about a very successful Realtor. As I kept reading, I noticed they were talking about someone named Mohamed. I Googled him and it’s the same Mohamed that was on the Housewives show!

I wanted to find out more about this man and the Universe delivered my desire to me…how cool J

Makes me want to dream bigger J

Spontaneous Illumination!

The other morning I checked my email, and I clicked on something that made the words and images appear extremely tiny! I had no idea what I clicked and so I didn’t know how to put it back to normal. I sat there for maybe ten minutes trying to fix it, but I just couldn’t figure it out.

Finally, after all that frustration, I stepped away from my computer and went for my 20 minute walk. A little while later I was feeling refreshed so I decided to give it another try. I still couldn’t figure it out. Then I remembered something Mike Dooley wrote about in Manifesting Change: he talked about deductive reasoning and spontaneous illumination, and how Albert Einstein used to come up with solutions to problems simply by thinking about them.

I’m telling you: the second I thought about this, I had the gentle urge to click on the image of a little wrench on my screen, and that was it! Problem solved! Amazing J

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gentle Nudges

I have so many books…and I love them all! I love soaking up new information and remembering things I learned months or years ago. I was at Barnes & Noble the other day and I saw a quote by Erasmus: “When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” Perfectly stated J

So these days, I’ve been really intrigued with the idea of visualizing what you want to experience, feeling like it’s real right now. I’ve been playing with this and it’s so fun and really easy to do. I remembered reading about how some people write themselves a check for a specific amount of money, in order to get into the feeling of having that amount. I’ve never done this, but I remember buying a wallet that came with a blank check, and I thought it would be fun to give it a try! But I couldn’t remember where I put it.

For the past few days, I kept getting this gentle urge to look at Jack Canfield’s book “The Success Principles,” which I haven’t looked at in quite a while. I started flipping through it this morning and I wondered if he had anything to say about visualization. I looked in the index, and turned to the page where he talks about the process of visualizing…and what did I find there, holding that exact page as a bookmark? Yup, the blank check I was looking for!!!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jumping for Joy!

A couple of weeks ago, I watched Oprah’s Favorite things, and I was brought to tears just watching the audience members jumping up and down with excitement. It was kind of funny to watch, but it filled me with joy.

Then about a week later, as I mentioned in my last post, I read Mike Dooley’s latest book, and one of the things he suggests is getting physical with your visualizations—which includes waving your hands in the air, pumping your fists, and the like. I’ve been doing this almost every day, and I added jumping up and down! Sometimes I pretend that I just won all of Oprah’s favorite things that she’s ever featured! It’s really fun and it puts me in a good mood instantly. J

In this video, someone put together just the audience reactions…it’s fun to watch, but of course it was more fun to see the whole show!

Have fun visualizing!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Fun of Visualizing

I finished reading Mike Dooley’s book, Manifesting Change, on Sunday. I read it within three days. It was so delicious and fun and intelligent and soooo inspiring! I soaked up every word and enthusiastically did every exercise! I’ve been a huge fan of Abraham-Hicks for about four years, and I feel like this book was a perfect companion to what they teach. It made everything seem so fresh and doable!

Mike talks a lot about visualizing, which it turns out, I’m really good at. J I’ve always been a very visual person, growing up with an artist-brother, and I’ve always appreciated beauty in every sense. So visualizing comes naturally to me. Often when I’m talking to people, an image will pop up in my mind’s eye. It almost feels like a message sometimes…

At the end of the book, there is a gorgeous guided visualization, which had me in tears! I do a check in call with a friend three times a week. We share what’s going well and what we want to create. When we talked on Monday, I decided to play with some of the images I got from the visualization. I described myself, in the present tense, sitting on my beautiful terrace, enjoying the sunset, peeking back into my house and seeing some of the people I love so dearly…gathered at my home to celebrate my successes with me…I was feeling so much love and appreciation…it all felt so vivid and real!

After we got off the phone, I went to the Border’s cafĂ© in Freehold, which is on the second floor. As soon as I walked in, I noticed their huge windows, and I saw a gorgeous view of the open sky. I immediately thought of my visualization, and the images that I saw. I got my beverage and sat down, really savoring the beauty of the open sky and the sunset, and reveling in the seeming magic and quickness of this manifestation.

When I got home later that evening, I turned the TV on and House Hunters International was on. This husband and wife were looking for a summer home on the Italian Riviera. The home they chose had a double terrace with 360 degree views!


I feel extremely encouraged by this experience. I love knowing that visualizing is so easy and fun, and that the results seem to be so quick and magical.

(image is from

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Noticing the Miraculous!

I’m reading Mike Dooley’s book Manifesting Change. It’s so interesting and fun! I read 70 pages yesterday and another 20 today. In the book he talks about turning points in your life and looking back at how miraculous the unfolding was. I remembered a major turning point in my life:

Four and a half years ago, I had an experience that was a turning point in my life. While I was driving, I bumped into a tree (that’s my light way of telling the story J).

I’m not going to go into details, but I experienced some injuries, which naturally caused me to want to experience physical healing. I was on this intense search for ways to heal the pain I was experiencing. I tried so many things: conventional physical therapy, acupuncture, Rolfing (a very deep massage technique), and other things I can’t even remember right now!

Then, something miraculous happened: I received this catalog from One Spirit, which is a company that sells all kinds of spiritually based books. The book “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden caught my attention, so I decided to look it up on amazon. While I was browsing on amazon, another book caught my attention: Matrix Energetics. It appeared in the section where they show you books they think you might like.

I got the book and I got the sense that “this is it!” As I read the testimonials, I was filled with a huge amount of hope that my body could heal. Matrix Energetics is a kind of energy work, but it’s so much more! After doing some more research, I made an appointment with a certified practitioner in my neighborhood, and I loved it! I had a second session, and then I absolutely knew I wanted to experience a seminar in person! And how amazing that there was one coming up in a few months that was only about an hour away.

The seminar was absolutely amazing, fun, mind-opening, and exhilarating. I realized that this was the start of my spiritual awakening. That part of my journey started about 2 and a half years ago, and I’ve grown so much since then! So many layers of pain have been transformed…and it continues J

More on this later!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Angel on the Ceiling!

A couple of weeks ago, I felt very drawn to look through some of my Doreen Virtue books, especially after remembering that lovely synchronicity from June.

In her book, Angel Therapy, there is an exercise where you choose an issue you’re dealing with. You picture it as a ball in your right hand, and you give it to the angels and ask them to fill it with love and return it to you.

A couple of days later, I looked up at the ceiling in the dining room, and there was a beautiful reflection of light that really looked like an angel! And it looked like the angel was holding a ball, just like in the visualization exercise! Thankfully, I took a picture of it:

To me, this is more evidence of the law of attraction. I was really focused on angels, and I even got one on the ceiling! J

We are powerful creators, and it’s time to create new habits of thinking and new ways of being. Release the old ways of complaining and pessimism, and start practicing imagining what’s possible and being optimistic. Believe me, it takes practice…but it’s so worth it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Wonderment Continues!

I saw a friend last night who is thinking about selling candles with a certain company, and I immediately thought of a former client from when I used to work at the spa because I remember her being involved with that same company. I haven’t heard from her in a few months. And tonight, she liked my facebook status!

A couple of days ago, I went onto my myspace page to update my old blog, and I thought of this wonderful life coach I used to talk to a few years ago. I remembered her uplifting, encouraging comments on my blog from back then. Then the next day, she posted three little hearts on my facebook page!

I just love these simple, yet completely delightful happenings. They are constant reminders that I am strengthening my connection with my higher power. I’m still trying to find words to describe this higher power…some call it the Higher Self, the Soul, your Inner Being, the universe, God—lots of different descriptions for the same thing. And it’s all wonderful J

I’m also realizing that my dreams and desires are coming true! I’m going to a Cirque de Soleil show tomorrow, which I’ve wanted to go to for years! I am so looking forward to this experience J

And this afternoon, I was so in the vortex! I was feeling so much joy and excitement about life. My mom and I were heading out the door to do some shopping. I grabbed my camera and asked her to take some new pictures of me because I wanted to update my facebook and twitter pictures. She did such a great job and it was so much fun. And I really like my new profile pic!

On our shopping trip, I found the perfect pair of boots. I absolutely knew that I would get them today. I don’t know how, but I just knew! They fit me really well and they were on sale.

Life is truly magical when I’m in this state of feeling good. I feel so connected, so loved, and so happy! Life is amazing...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Short Post Today...

I’ve been contemplating going to this workshop in Atlanta, GA and I wrote on my to-do list, “Do I want to attend the workshop in GA?” And I noticed it looked like I wrote the name “Inga.” I immediately thought of this girl named Inga who used to work at my parents’ restaurant. I wondered how she was doing and moved on with my day.

A couple of days later, my mom said she was at the mall and who did she see? Inga! How amazing is that! I haven’t seen this girl in at least three years…amazing!

Just more evidence of connection…Love it!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inner Nudges and Marvelous Creations!

I feel so excited to share this marvelous experience that I created! On Tuesday November 9th, I felt inspired to go to the Freehold Mall. I usually only go there when I have a list of a few things I need to buy, because it’s a bit of a drive (about 50 minutes) but always totally worth it! I didn’t really have anything specific to buy, but I trusted my inner nudge.

There’s a beautiful Borders bookstore there, and I love going there and browsing around. So on Tuesday, I went in and strolled by the metaphysical section. I noticed that they had the new Abraham meditation CD and guidebook! I’ve been waiting for this for a while now. (I just checked my amazon wishlist, and I added it on September 6th!)

Now, the release date is scheduled for November 15th. So when I saw the CD/guidebook on the shelf, I stood there almost in disbelief. At first, I felt guilty for some reason, but then I realized: I am such a powerful creator! I really wanted this CD; in fact, I wanted an advanced copy…and I got it!

I usually participate on an Abraham discussion board. I shared my excitement on there and I caused quite a stir! People were running out to bookstores, making phone calls, only to be told that the item will be available on the 15th and no sooner!

To me, this feels like a sweet and delicious miracle. I listened to the general wellbeing meditation last night and it was so gorgeous! I felt so relaxed, so connected, so loved. I felt clarity. I woke up this morning feeling good. I had an amazing day with an amazing friend of mine and her two fabulous daughters! Everything just felt so aligned today. In fact, at this moment, I feel like amazing things are brewing within me, ready to be expressed. I feel like it’s just the beginning!

Higher Self Connection and increased synchronicities...

Lately I’ve been noticing many more synchronicities than ever. I keep wondering how this is happening; especially when it seems really random.

I just got my answer tonight from a teleconference call with Eva Gregory: the more you feel your connection with your higher self, the faster the manifestations happen. (That’s my paraphrased interpretation of it! I plan on listening to the recording again.)

And I’ve been seeing lots of number alignments show up.

Today I was driving to my friend’s house, and I wanted to remember to set some special intentions when the time was 11:11am (since today is 11/11J). I was happily driving along when I looked down and the time said 11:10! Just enough time to get excited for a moment and set my intentions!

Another number alignment: A couple of weeks ago, when the weather was unusually warm for this time of year, I remember driving home and I looked down at the screen in my car, and the time was 7:14pm and the temperature was 74 degrees. 7/14/74 is my brother’s birthday. This is especially significant to me because I haven’t seen him in a few years. To me, this is a sign of hope, that we’ll see each other again at the right time! I was amazed when I looked down and saw that sequence of numbers…

This feels like a very empowering time, and the message that I’m getting is this:
Focus on what you want to experience, because what you focus on, you create; especially for those of us who are on a spiritual path, because we are building a stronger and stronger connection to our higher self, and that’s where our power is J

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Surrounded by Angels

In June of this year, I felt inspired to clean out my car (a very rare occasion!). And in my car, I found the business card of a local woman who does psychic readings near where I used to work. I remember walking to my car and finding her card on my windshield one day. On the front was her information, and on the back was a beautiful painting of a woman with two guardian angels by her side.

I don’t know why but when I found this, I didn’t think anything of it and I threw it in the garbage. The funny thing is I usually keep everything! Later that same day, I felt inspired to clean out my closet a little bit. One of the things I found was Doreen Virtue’s flip calendar that I bought a few years ago. The date was June first, so of course I flipped it to that day, and guess what picture was on that day: yup, the same one that was on the woman’s business card!!


As soon as I saw the page, I went straight to the garbage pail and got the card out. Thankfully, it didn’t get dirty!

Just a few minutes ago, I Googled the words “guardian angel” to see if I could find the image for this post and you know how it tells you how many seconds it took to bring up the results? Well I noticed it said 0.44 seconds! If you’re familiar with Doreen Virtue’s books, she talks about how numbers have different meanings. The number 44 means you’re surrounded by angels. Nice!

 Pretty fitting for this post J

And, just to top it all off, I followed my inspiration to take a look at some of Doreen’s other books that I’ve had for a while. And on the cover of “Angel Therapy” is the very same painting…so delightful!


(The name of the painting is L’Innocence by William A. Bouguereau.)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Evidence that my desires are on their way!

Two things showed up for me today that are huge pieces of evidence that my desires are on their way and that the law of attraction is real. And what makes it "work" is deliberately being in good-feeling places more of the time--what Abraham calls being in the vortex. When you're in those good-feeling places, you're more connected to the source of your true power.

For years, I thought that the whole daylight savings thing was ridiculous! Every time I changed the clocks, I felt like I had to go through a week or two of adjustment. It was a huge annoyance to me. I thought about how it would be nice to just leave the clocks the way they are! 

I hopped onto facebook this morning and my friend posted an article about this very idea! I was so excited to see this.

Another exciting piece of news for me is about a wonderful store called Accessorize. It’s an accessory store with the most beautiful, unique, jewelry, handbags, scarves and other delightful things, and the prices are so reasonable!

I first came across this store years ago at the Freehold Mall. I was in love! Then I found out they were closing down. This retail chain is based in the UK and there are locations throughout Europe, including Greece. My parents usually go to Greece about once a year, and my mom always buys me a few pairs of gorgeous earrings from there. She says she usually spends at least an hour browsing!

I’ve had this desire for Accessorize to open a store near me. This is a desire I would describe as something fun that I don’t really have any attachment to. It’s just something that would be really nice.

So, just a few minutes ago, I heard the news from my mom that Accessorize is planning on opening about 100 locations in the US, primarily on the East Coast! All I can say is woop woop!!

Really, how delightful is life!!!

Now here’s the thing: I did not do any exercises to specifically make these things happen. These are desires I’ve had for years, but I basically forgot about them. The only thing I’ve been doing lately is spending more time in good-feeling places. I’ve also been meditating a lot more, which is such a great way to release resistance and to feel so connected to Source!

It looks like the secret to all of this is to happily move about your days, savoring the delicious moments, knowing that all is well, knowing that when you feel good, you are allowing in good.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Favorite Synchronicity So Far!

Last week, I felt inspired to listen to the recording of the Abraham-Hicks workshop I went to in May. I listened to the CD’s in my car over the span of a few days. One of the questioners mentioned white roses and petunias. He was asking hypothetical questions and used these flowers as examples.

The next day, I went to Starbucks and the only available seat had a small white book on it with the letters “OK” on the front cover. It looked like someone intentionally placed it directly in the middle of the seat. It looked a little tattered and worn, like it had been handled a lot. I opened it up and it was the book, “One Hundred Flowers” which is a collection of 100 of Georgia O’keeffe’s flower paintings. (Hence the “OK”)

I remembered that I had this book when I was in high school. I loved it back then and it was so wonderful to see it. I sat there for quite a while, completely immersed in this book. I soaked up every painting and every word. I was one with the book!

I noticed a painting of a petunia several pages into it and remembered the guy talking about petunias on the CD just yesterday! There were about 6 or 7 paintings of petunias in the book! Then I noticed…you guessed it: paintings of white roses!

I’m thoroughly appreciating this delightful synchronicity. I feel so connected to the universe. I absolutely love these synchronicities. They make me feel like I’m in the divine flow and that anything truly is possible…

Friday, October 8, 2010

It was there the whole time!

My dad seems to love taking care of cars and doing projects around the house that require tools and such. Ever since I started driving, my dad has always taken care of my car. Believe me, I never stopped him! He’s in Greece right now, with my mom. So a few weeks ago, I noticed the inspection sticker on my window. The date was July of 2010. Oops! It was September when I noticed it. So I made sure I had the documents I needed, including my registration and insurance id card. I couldn’t find either of them. I finally found the registration card. But the id card was nowhere to be found. I looked in the glove compartment three times, and I even looked in my parents’ file cabinet with all the records of everything, and it wasn’t there.

So I called the company and asked if they could mail me a copy of it. Sure, no problem, they said. Twice, I received the wrong document in the mail! No big deal; I’m only two months late on the inspection date! ;) The third time I called, I made sure they were sending me the right thing. Mind you, the days and weeks went by and it’s now October.

I talked to my dad on the phone today and mentioned my little scenario. He sounded mildly concerned, which motivated me to try to find this piece of paper one more time. I casually opened up a couple of envelopes. Nothing. Then I saw this big white envelope and I curiously peeked inside, and there it was!! The exact thing I needed! It was there the whole time! (It reminds me of The Alchemist, sort of!)

I think my dad was so happily preoccupied with planning his trip to Greece that he forgot to give me this id card. Now I can finally take my car for its inspection!

Just to top it all off, when I got home from work, I got the mail from the mailbox and what did I receive? Yup, the id card came in the mail today! Isn’t that something…

I think the universe was trying to tell me something. My interpretation of the whole thing is this: when you look for something in a frenzy (from a place of not having it, and not believing you can find it) you won’t find it. If you are calm, casual, and most of all believing that it’s possible, then it will happen. The bottom line is to be light, trusting, and open. And the other part of this is: it was there the whole time. I created a stressful situation out of something that could have been so easy! I’ve been feeling stressed out lately because of my current job and a few other things that have been going on and this situation reflected my state of mind…

So, I am making it my project, my experiment, to be in a relaxed and trusting state of mind, knowing that I will find exactly what I’m looking for!

What I learned from my orange gerber daisy plant

I bought a lovely potted gerber daisy plant a few weeks ago at the supermarket. I was so drawn to the gorgeous orange and yellow colors…it reminded me of a vibrant sunset. And the price was $3.33 so how could I not get it! And it felt extra special to me because a couple of days later, I noticed the Sounds True catalog I received had a huge orange gerber daisy on the front cover!

I was so happy and excited about it, that I made sure I took care of it. I mean, I really took care of it…a little too much. I watered it so much that I killed it! I was upset at first, but then I thought: everything is symbolic. Everything is teaching me something, so what is this teaching me? And I realized that I’ve been “watering” myself too much in terms of trying to understand spiritual principles, and trying to make huge changes in my life, practicing meditation and reading and writing in all my spare time. I’m trying way too hard! I’m smothering myself!

So I’ve decided to try a new approach: for the next thirty days, I’m going to rest my mind and my body, and just take it easy all around. I have never tried this before, so I know it’s going to take practice. I’m only going to read if I feel inspired to…in fact, I’m only going to do what inspires me, and if something doesn’t inspire me, I’m going to look for the most positive aspects of it. I like this!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Life is Taking on a Magical Quality

I’ve heard Abraham talk about how when you’re in the vortex, everything you want flows easily into your experience. Here are a couple of stories about how I’m really finding this to be for real!!!

When I was in Santorini, Greece in 2005, my cousin Yiota and I had the most delicious tea I had ever tasted in my life. It was green tea with Jasmine. I never forgot the intense yet delicate flavor. In fact, I kept the little tag so I would remember the loveliness of the experience. Since then, I’ve been searching for jasmine tea without the caffeine, but every place I went always had the green tea version of it. I pretty much gave up and forgot about it.

The other day, I was at the grocery store, just doing some food shopping, and I walked by the aisle with all the different iced teas like Snapple, Lipton, etc. And I noticed these lovely slim bottles. I looked at the label and it said “Organic Jasmine Tea.” That’s it. It’s just Jasmine tea, and nothing else! I was in amazement! I wasn’t even looking for it! I think I know the reason why I found it:

Lately I’ve been deliberately focusing on feeling positive emotions. Sometimes I do it while I’m meditating in the morning, or while I’m driving or anything, really. Whenever I think of it, I’ll deliberately shift into a more positive emotional state (This is what Abraham means by being in the vortex). 

I keep my makeup in this huge bag that I literally empty out onto my desk every morning. When I dropped my gorgeous Kat Von D makeup palette and noticed a piece of my favorite color chipped off, I realized it was time to try something different! I remembered I bought these clear plastic makeup holders a few years ago, and they’ve been holding some jewelry I’ve had for years that I never wear.

So, tonight I found one of them and as I was transferring the jewelry into another container, I found the tag I kept from my jasmine tea experience in Greece from five years ago! I picked it up and I could feel chills at the back of my neck!

It made me feel so connected, so loved, so supported by the Universe!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pinecones and Oneness

A few days ago, I came across some books I had bought by Marc Allen a few years ago. His writing is very simple and easy to read. I went to his website and came across a blog he wrote about a year ago. He described his daily practices and some of his prayers and affirmations. He also talked about the shrine he has in his bedroom. It has things you would normally imagine like a picture of Jesus, Buddha, angels, incense, candles, pinecones—pinecones? I thought it was so adorable that he has pinecones on his shrine! Obviously they mean something to him.

Well, the next day, I looked out my window, up at one of the tall trees in my backyard, and what did I see? Yes, pinecones. Part of my morning ritual is I sit at my desk, facing the window. I look outside and watch nature. I admire the trees, I look for birds, butterflies, deer…Why hadn’t I noticed the pinecones before? Did they just pop out? Were they there all along but I just didn’t see them?

I think what happened was this: when I read about how Marc has pinecones on his shrine, it struck me as really interesting and funny. It was sort of lit up in my awareness, you could say. It was evidence of the law of attraction in action. It was yet another synchronicity, showing me that I am truly connected with everyone and everything—even pinecones!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Onto Something!

Okay so I think I’m onto something. I think I’m getting somewhere because a couple of really cool things just happened:

I had the gentle urge to turn on my computer. I looked at the picture I have on my screen of a really nice living room, and felt like I wanted to look for another picture to put on my screen. So I opened up my file of pictures and two pictures of my friend and her baby got my attention. I noticed those little orbs that sometimes show up in pictures. Some people think they’re energy orbs or angel orbs. Some people think they’re just distortions in the picture.

Then, literally a few seconds later, I opened up my email and in the subject line of one of the newsletters I receive, it said “Orbs and More.” And yes, the topic was these orbs that show up in pictures! I was gently astounded by the absolute speed of this synchronicity!

Earlier this morning, I started straightening out some stuff in the back of my closet. I found this cute pink satin bag I got from Victoria’s Secret a few years ago. It says “sexy little things” on it in rhinestones, and it has these little strings that tie it together. I looked at it and appreciated the silky feel of it, and then put it away and forgot about it.

I’m on the Victoria’s Secret email list. I opened up the email from them a little while ago, and there was an offer for a free lingerie bag with your purchase. And the bag looked just like the one I found this morning, except it was white with a picture of pink bra and panties on it!

I really feel like this is evidence that I’m more and more connected and at one with Source. I’ve been deliberately stepping into states of being that feel so much better than I’m used to. And I’m noticing my world changing. This is a good thing. I want my world to change! I want to move toward an existence that is delicious and irresistible and fun and free and magical…yes!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

English Cottage and Race Car Dreams

An episode of House Hunters on HGTV really sticks out in my mind. It featured an adorable young couple who were moving from Utah to England. Amazingly, beautifully, and harmoniously, they were both about to actualize their dreams.

The husband had always dreamed of designing race cars for a very specific company, and the wife was a huge Jane Austen fan, and had always dreamed of living in an English cottage.

They seemed like such a sweet, family-oriented, genuinely happy, loving couple. They were already living a happy life when the husband got a job offer for the very same company he had been dreaming about working for his whole life, and the location was in Oxford, England—a quintessential English town. And as you might have guessed, they moved into a quintessential English cottage!

This story delighted me so much. It shows the power of believing in your dreams, and knowing that they will be fulfilled. This is a perfect example of the law of attraction in action!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ah...letting go!

The magnifying lamp in one of the facial rooms doesn’t work sometimes. You have to shake it a few times and that usually does the trick. Maybe I’ve been shaking it too much lately because that thing looks like it’s on its way out!

So during a facial today, I was about to do extractions (the process of squeezing out blackheads—fun!)  and the lamp wouldn’t go on. I shook it. Nothing. I shook it again. Still nothing. I kept shaking it and prayed that it would turn on. Still nothing! So finally, I told my client that the lamp wasn’t working and that I needed to step out to see if we still had an extra one in the closet. As soon as I stood up, the light went on!

I was instantly struck by the symbolism behind this. It’s been said that as soon as you let go of what you want, it comes to you. 

When I got home, I opened up this newsletter that I usually ignore, but I felt compelled to open it up today. I also felt compelled to take a look at this person’s twitter account. There on her twitter page was a quote from Deepak Chopra: “Spirit cannot fulfill any desire until you release it.”

How amazing! To me, this is a clear message that I need to release my need to control all the outer circumstances in my life, and instead trust that I am taken care of and that there’s nothing to worry about. Ah, life is good!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Fun Taylor Hicks Synchronicity

The other day, I was talking to my mom about the law of attraction and how we create our reality with the power of our thoughts. It was such a fun conversation, and she was really getting it! A little while later, I had a similar conversation with my dad.

They were about to leave to run some errands, and I was about to leave, as well. My mom was expressing that she’s not sure if she wants to go gray, or keep dying her hair dark brown. She said that she doesn’t want to feel old. I told her, “Having grey hair has nothing to do with age. Remember Taylor Hicks from American Idol? He was in his late twenties and he had grey hair. It’s all about how you feel.”

So as we were leaving, I asked my dad to shut off his television. He has this television that has to be shut down a certain way, and I dare not touch it! All of a sudden, my mom yells out, “It’s Taylor Hicks!!!” I looked at the screen and there he was! Now, I haven’t seen or heard anything from him in at least a couple of years. And there he was, grey hair and all, on the television screen.

Just imagine the orchestration that had to go on for that moment to occur. I was in awe of this delightful synchronicity. I was speechless! Finally I said to my parents: you see, this is the law of attraction in action! (I looked on the info box, and it's called "American Idol Rewind" where they show past seasons of the show.)

I realize that I allowed this moment in because I was in such a good feeling place, and I wasn’t trying to “make” anything happen. I was just happily going about my day, and I allowed this uplifting moment into my experience. This universe is a delightful, magical place. It’s all about how you feel! When you feel good, you are in the higher vibrations, and that’s where all the fun is!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sam's Key

One of the massage therapists where I work is absolutely a ray of sunshine. Every time she’s there, everyone in her vicinity smiles and laughs much more than usual. She is a delight to be around, and she always has something funny and uplifting to say. She’s one of those people that everyone is just drawn to, and something funny always happens when she’s there.

Yesterday, she was on her way out of the break room to go into a massage and she noticed that she dropped a small key. She didn’t know where it came from, but she said it looked like a diary key.

Then one of the other girls was done for the day, and Sam opened up the back door and told her to enjoy the beautiful day. When she opened the door, there was a man walking by at that moment. She gave him a big hello, and we all laughed! Then the funniest thing happened: the man asked Sam if she had a key! He said he needed a key to open up one of those paper towel holders.

I found this to be so remarkable and hilarious at the same time! How interesting life is sometimes…just a minute ago, she dropped a key from who knows where, and then she opens the door to take in the fresh air, and a man appears who needs a key.

I’m constantly amazed at life, and how the Law of Attraction is always consistent and always amazing! It makes me excited to see what other fun experiences I can deliberately create and allow into my experience.

And speaking of keys, I feel like the key to living a life that you really enjoy is to find reasons to laugh, reasons to feel good, reasons to be happy. Seek out those people who make you laugh and smile. Notice all the delightful things in your surroundings. These are such simple things, yet they yield powerful, delightful results…

Life is amazing!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Delightful Synchronicity

Last week, I had the most wonderful client! She was so sweet, she laughed easily, she was funny, and she made me laugh. As I was doing her facial, I noticed she had a tattoo of two dolphins on her forearm. When I grabbed a towel out of the hot cabinet to remove the product from her face, I noticed a white tag with the word “Dolphin” printed on it, in bright blue letters, with a bright blue dolphin on it!

Now, I’ve worked at this spa for almost a year, and I have only noticed a tag like this one other time. How amazing is it that I happened to choose that towel at that specific time? I showed it to her and she was definitely amused by it! She told me that she loves dolphins. I asked her if she ever swam with them, and she said she has pet a dolphin before, but hasn’t swam with them yet. It’s something she’s always wanted to do.

I was in awe of this wonderful moment. I appreciate moments like this, and of course, I experience them all the time!

Lately I’ve been deliberately applying Abraham’s teachings, and remembering to keep moving into better feeling places. I was standing in the kitchen the other day, and this gentle feeling came over me for a moment. It was a strong feeling of being loved. Then the song came into my head, “It’s Almost Like Being in Love.”

I googled the lyrics:

“What a day this has been
What a rare mood I'm in
Why it's almost like being in love
There's a smile on my face
For the whole human race
Why it's almost like being in love
All the music of life seems to be
Just like a bell that is ringing for me
And from the way that I feel
When the bell starts to peal
I would swear I was falling, I could swear I was falling
It's almost like being in love”

Even though I had heard this song many times, I never noticed the word “peal.” It just never registered in my consciousness, so I simply didn’t notice it. So I looked the word up, and it simply means to ring.

Then today, I was on a wonderful conference call, and the person speaking compared the sound of laughter to the pealing of bells. How remarkable is that?

I just love the Law of Attraction and how magical it seems, yet it is eternally consistent and fair. I had another insight about creation that I’ll share in my next post…

Love and hugs always!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dreams...Delicious Dreams...

I came across a story about a couple who had both been given terminal diagnoses, and decided to spend their life savings on an 18-month trip around the world. When they returned, their doctor gave them a perfect bill of health. They said, “We’re more fit now than we’ve ever been.” Isn’t that amazing?

When I heard this story, I was inspired to write down the things I’ve always wanted to do.

I started typing and ended up with four pages worth of things! Here are some of the most exciting ones:

See the lavender fields in the South of France
Swim with the dolphins
Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Go to a Cherry Blossom Tree Festival
See Vermont in the fall

Then I started to see the evidence show up. I went to a bookstore the next day and Time Out New York Magazine caught my attention. What’s on the front cover? The New York Botanical Garden’s orchid show! The day after that, I was flipping through a magazine at work and I opened up to a full size picture of a lavender field.

This is evidence that what I want is on its way to me. All I have to do is relax and allow it in. It’s already done.

So I have my list, and it’s exciting. I realized that I am enjoying the desiring of these things, as opposed to longing and yearning for things that I “have to” have, like a perfect body and lots of money. I’m totally unattached to the things on my list of dreams, and so there’s a lightness and an ease about it.

Henry David Thoreau said, “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” To me, this means living in the pleasure of our daydreams. Our daydreams are real! We bring them into being with the power of our focus. I’ve been having a blast with daydreaming lately. I love accessing the power of my imagination, and I love seeing the evidence of my imagination becoming my reality.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Fantasy Day!

You won’t believe the day I just had! It was filled with sunshine and flowers…quite literally. I went to the most glorious Botanical Garden you could ever imagine. It felt more like an enchanted garden. It was filled with the most gorgeous flowers, trees, and plants I’ve ever seen. There were butterflies, ladybugs, birds chirping; there were happy, smiling people; the sun was shining. It was a glorious day!

I felt so connected to the Universe, to my Higher Self, to everyone around me, to humanity, and to Source Energy.

I spent this day with three of my closest friends. We all felt such a beautiful connection to each other and to our incredible surroundings. We had a glorious meal at a local restaurant. The food was so fresh, so satisfying, so delicious! We enjoyed this delightful meal, and we had a beautiful conversation.

All of my senses were delighted: I saw so many gorgeous sights, including all the amazing flowers, the cherry blossom trees, the vast blue sky, the birds, all the happy people; I smelled so many wonderful fragrances, including the fragrance of the flowers of course, and the aromas of our delicious meal; I felt the energetic hugs from the Universe throughout my day, I loved the hugs shared between me and my friends, and I felt connected to everyone; I enjoyed our delicious lunch, which included fresh gourmet food, tira misu for dessert, and the most delicious tea I ever tasted! I also enjoyed the sounds of the birds chirping, the sound of the conversation among me and my friends, and the sounds of the people around us.

This was such a magical day, and I will always remember all the beautiful feelings I felt all day! I love knowing that I can reach for these feelings at any time, and recreate them in my now moment.

And I also love knowing that I can create days like this any time I want to. Life is amazing and magical, and I love being such a powerful, deliberate creator.

I wonder what fun I’ll have tomorrow...

(First image is from; Second image is from

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspired by an Amethyst

My wonderful cousin gave me a beautiful tea-light holder, made from an amethyst. I googled the word amethyst and I came across these gorgeous images of amethyst geodes, which are the whole crystals in their natural state.

On the outside, these amethyst geodes look like ordinary stones, but once they are opened, there is a whole new world inside! I imagined what it must have been like when the first discovery was made. I wonder how that even happened! How did someone discover this amazing world of gorgeous, natural crystals inside of ordinary looking stones? I wonder if it happened serendipitously…maybe a stone fell and split open, waiting to be discovered by human eyes?

No matter how it happened, it’s still amazing to see. And it’s amazing that something so beautiful is hidden inside something so ordinary. It makes me think: we all have treasures within. We are all filled with wisdom and creativity and beauty.

I also believe we are all inherently good, and that the only reason people do “bad” or harmful things is because they are in some kind of pain. Abraham ( talks about how when someone hurts another in some way, they are disconnected from their Source. If they were aligned with who they really are, such harmful actions wouldn’t even occur to them!

Abraham always says, “Alignment first, then action.” I feel like if everyone did this, the world would be a different place! If we all got ourselves aligned with our Soul, our Higher Self, Source Energy, God…and then took inspired actions that felt like fun, imagine what a beautiful world it would be! Imagine if we let go of “shoulds” and “musts” and I have to do this and that…Imagine if we all did what we were inspired to do…I love this idea!