Thursday, July 16, 2009

Implementing what you learn...

I've been what you might call a "seeker" since I was about fifteen years old. I always had this undertone of sadness and restlessness going on, and I couldn't figure out what to do about it. I knew there had to be something more to life, but I couldn't seem to get my hands on it.

So my journey into self-help and spirituality began. I started with books by guests on the Oprah show. I figured: she's super successful; let me check out what her and her guests have to say about all this! I think one of the first books I bought was "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind," by Deepak Chopra. I remember seeing him on Oprah, and there was something about he had the answers we were all looking for. I remember going to the mall with my mother that day, and the book was sold out! I eventually got it, but the information pretty much went over my head.

I kept looking for new books, new information. I found Wayne Dyer, Iyanla Vanzant, John Grey, and a bunch of others. I would rush through these books, hoping to find the answers to all my questions, only to be disappointed every time.

I finally realized that I never actually implemented anything I was learning! I was reading these books and hearing the information on an intellectual level, but not utilizing the information or the tools I was being given.

My journey has led me to so many beautiful books and people and gems of wisdom and enlightenment. Some of the people who have been most influential and most helpful to me are: Jerry and Esther Hicks, John Cali, Doreen Virtue, Regina Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena), Richard Bartlett, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, Sheila and Marcus Gillette, Sonia Choquette, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. I realized that the books I read early on had paved my way...books by Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. They were all the exact books my Soul needed at that time.

Now I'm actually implementing what I have learned, and the results are remarkable! For example, I wanted to experiment with my manifestation powers. Abraham talks about the 68 second rule for manifestation, which basically states that if you stay purely focused upon any thought for as little as 68 seconds, the vibration becomes powerful enough that the manifestation of it begins. (Found in "Ask and it is Given"). So I chose three things to focus on: rainbows, angels, and Divine Guidance. I put my awareness on these things and matched up my vibrational frequency so that it matched them. And then I forgot about them.

Two days later, in the parking lot at the mall, I saw a young guy wearing a T-shirt with a rainbow on it. And he got my attention because he was running toward his friend, shouting, "Hey, I know you!!" I don't usually see people running and shouting in mall parking lots!

Then on my way home, I noticed a little angel statue in front of a neighbor's house that I pass by every day. Did they just put it there, or was it there this whole time and I just happened to notice it today?

And in terms of Divine Guidance, that same evening, I had what I believe was a true channeling session, during which I experienced automatic writing. I wrote four pages worth of words that seemed to come from a higher place. I always keep a journal, but I don't usually write more than maybe one or two pages in one sitting!

So what I'm saying is this stuff works! But you actually have to use what you're learning. It's so empowering!

Living Joyfully

I've gone through many phases over the years, especially regarding food. I became a vegetarian when I was 17, which lasted for two years. During those two years, I even became a vegan, cutting out all animal products completely. Then I went to Greece to visit my cousins, and my senses were overtaken by the magnificent feast of homemade Greek food, prepared by one of my beautiful cousins, which included lots of meat and dairy! I couldn't resist. Everything was so fresh and delicious. It made me rethink my food restrictions.

Since that trip to Greece, I've gone back and forth between being a vegatarian and not...I've even tried being 100% raw vegan for a while, but I just couldn't keep it up!

Now, I eat in a much more intuitive way. I enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits...salads, raw honey, raw tahini, raw cacao powder...and all the many wonders of the raw food world...but I also allow myself to have some fresh tira misu (only the best, from Whole Foods Market!), or some baked cod fish, or some other kind of dairy or meat. And in small portions...I realized overdoing anything causes an imbalance.

I realized that the one thing that remains constant in my life is my connection with Spirit. I've always been drawn to all things spiritual: books about angels, meditation, connecting with nature...I've been on this search for meaning and fulfillment since I was about fifteen years old. I feel like in the last three years, I have grown and learned so much!

And in the last few months, I feel major shifts going on. One of the major things I've learned recently is that our lives are meant to be joyful. We can learn through struggle, but it's not necessary! There are some really beautiful articles about being joyful on John Cali's website:

So now, my main intent is to focus on how I can life my life in a more joyful way. And when I'm not feeling joyful at all, I can steadily make steps in the direction of joy, and gently bring myself there.

Lots of love and blessings, all-ways!