Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What To Do When Things Go "Wrong"

We all go through personal challenges in our lives. What matters is how we choose to handle each situation. When things go wrong, we have the opportunity to experience just how resilient we are.
Breakups, job cuts, losing a loved one, natural disasters…all of these things have the potential to be totally devastating—or they can act as catalysts that show you just how powerful you really are. You can make a choice to look at these situations in a way that is truly empowering.
I learned a powerful technique from Abraham-Hicks called going general. You can do this as a written exercise or you can talk it out with a good listener.
Basically, you take something that’s bothering you and bring it to a general place. Let’s say you just lost your job. First you acknowledge how you feel about it in a general way by saying something like, “This sucks!” I’ve noticed that when I do this, I immediately feel a sense of relief.
Then you continue to express how you feel in a general way until you feel like you’ve released the emotional charge. You can say things like, “I know things will work out. I never really liked this job and, anyway, I’ve been getting so many ideas for my business.”
After you feel a sense of relief, you can continue whatever you were doing in your day, or you can take a few more minutes and bring your thoughts to a more positive place.
This process only takes a few minutes, it’s so doable, and it works really well!
After you’ve processed the initial emotions, you’ll find that there are many great gifts hidden within it. Stretch yourself a little bit and see if you can find at least one or two hidden blessings.
So many people experienced varying forms of devastation with last month’s hurricane. If you take this to a general and higher place, you can definitely see the hidden blessings in it. For example: so many people tapped into their generosity and did anything they could to help. Even people who weren’t directly affected by it now have a newfound gratitude for the simple things they might have taken for granted before.
In addition to going general, here are some other ideas that might help you move out of a place of discouragement:
Meditate. Put on some relaxing music or do a guided meditation. It will benefit you physiologically and emotionally.
Do something physical: Go for a long walk, go to the gym, play a musical instrument, dance, breathe deeply and intentionally—anything that will take you out of the mental chatter.
Do something creative: Make art, write poetry, or take photographs.
Connect: Be with supportive people who love you, ask for help, call someone, or meet a friend for coffee. Know you’re not alone!
Focus: Pour your focus into something that feels productive and worthwhile to you.
Take care of your body: Rest, eat nourishing food, and drink lots of water.
Let it out: Have a good cry, watch a couple of great movies, or get lost in a book.
Delight your senses: Listen to beautiful music, go to a concert, or visit a museum or a garden.
Nourish your spirit: Get an energy healing session, a massage, or a facial. You’ll feel relaxed and restored.
Take care of yourself and realize how resilient you truly are!
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