Sunday, October 28, 2012

What If?

I recently heard the phrase “never arrive.” Those two little words stimulated a powerful train of thought, which prompted me to ask myself some questions:

What if I stop striving? What if I simply arrive in the constantly moving present moment?

I’ve lived much of my life in a proverbial waiting room—waiting for things to change so I could finally feel complete. I’m realizing that we are never really complete, and I’m starting to be okay with that!

Years ago, Ram Dass wrote a book called Be Here Now. I think the title says it all.

What if I stop seeking? What if I find?

What if I make peace with where I am, no matter where I am? What if I stop fighting against my circumstances and use my gifts and my strengths instead?

Isn’t life just a wild thing that keeps moving at different speeds?

There will always be a there, but what if we enjoy the here while we’re on our way?

We will always have new desires and new things to be excited about. But there are things to savor and enjoy right now!

Isn’t life all about our experiences? We are always at choice in the sense that we can choose how we want to feel in each experience.

What if I stop rushing? What if I stop worrying about time? What if I start flowing with divine timing?

What if I start trusting life? What if I start trusting myself?

Instead of saying “I’ll feel better when I move, when I fit into my skinny jeans, when I reach my income goal,” what if I start to say, “I’ll feel better now, regardless of what’s bothering me”?

What if I stop all the doing? What if I choose to just be here now?

I have a feeling everything would get done with such ease and flow, and each day would feel like a natural unfolding, free of struggle and filled with grace.

Photo © 2012 Meaghan Grettano

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Brian said...

Hi Angela. Your blog continues to offer more insight and provoke additional thought. Keep up the awesome job.

I've lived in that same waiting room hoping for things to change. It took me a long time to realize I am responsible for my own actions and the way I perceive life.

Instead of hoping for things to change 10 years ago, I chose to declare my intent and take deliver on my words. That is when I realize the power I had in becoming the master of my own destiny.

I used to think that things happen for a reason. But after some thought, I've come to realize that if things happen for a reason, you are not in control of your life. So now, I no longer think that things happen for a reason; I make things happen.

Keep up the good work and please, be safe from the Hurricane Sandy.


Angela said...

Thanks so much Brian! That's awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Great questions! I had an epiphany in 2008 when I'd moved back to the US (after 9 years in the UK) and moved back here after five weeks.

I was looking for Home outside of myself, in the wrong place. I had an inkling that I felt better living in England and decided stay put and every day, to shape my world in some little way that would reflect who I truly am.
The spiritual quotes about finding Home within were helpful, even though they weren't yet my experience.
It's been a long road, but it really is the only way. To Be Here Now and find Home within.

Angela said...

Thanks Melinda!
I really love the idea of finding home within. It's very comforting!
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts :)

Brian said...

I'm happy to see you made it through the storms Angela.


Angela said...

Thanks Brian!