Monday, September 17, 2012

Tell a New Story!

I was recently reminded of an exercise from Abraham-Hicks called “Telling a new story.” It consists of going into a playful state of imagination and telling the story of what you want to experience as if it already happened. You can do this with an open-minded friend, or as a written exercise in a journal or on your computer. For example, if you don’t like your current living situation, instead of complaining about it, worrying about how it’s going to change, and telling everyone how frustrating it is, you can start telling a new story about it. For example:
Things really turned around for me. I didn’t know how everything was going to unfold, but it all worked out really well. I absolutely love my new place. It’s perfect for me. I am so thankful that I found it. I feel like a new person! I love this neighborhood and I love the spacious layout. I love how peaceful it is here. I love my neighbors, and it feels so good to live here in this beautiful space! This is a fresh start for me and I’m so excited.
That’s it! It’s a very simple exercise, but if you take it on as a new practice, it can be life-changing. Every time you find yourself complaining about something, gently turn it into a new story. Be playful with who you’re talking to and say, “Let’s try something new: I want to practice telling a new story. Want to play?”
It might feel awkward to do this at first, but if you keep practicing, it will become second nature, and, of course, that new story will actually become real! And you can do this with any area in your life.
Here are some more examples:
I love how easy my new commute is. I get in my car and before I know it, I’m at work! It’s so easy to get to work now. There are so many beautiful buildings on my way there, and it’s such an enjoyable ride.
I have some amazing news: I got that promotion! Let’s go out and celebrate!
My business is thriving and going strong! It’s so exciting to be living this dream I’ve had for years. It feels so good to have such a powerful purpose and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to live with such passion and inspiration!
It’s funny: as soon as I stopped trying to lose weight, it seemed to happen naturally. I gave up the struggle and I started eating what I was naturally drawn to. I feel amazing and I noticed that my pants were loose today!
This practice is so powerful because it feels really good to talk like this! The next time you find yourself worrying or complaining, notice that it doesn’t feel very good, and then make the conscious, loving choice to tell a new story.

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