Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Savor the Moment

Why do we have goals? Why do we make plans and write to-do lists? I’m beginning to think it’s not just to get it all done. I think everything we do is for the enjoyment of it. We’ve all heard the expression: Life is about the journey, not the destination. I’m starting to realize that life is really about cherishing and savoring the moment.
Savoring and being present go hand in hand. Eckhart Tolle popularized the concept of being present with his book, “The Power of Now.” A simple definition of being present is to be fully aware of whatever you are doing in the moment. You’re not thinking about the past or worrying about the future; you are fully here, now. It’s actually a really elegant and potent form of gratitude.Your body is relaxed, your breathing is slower and fuller, and the experience of enjoyment is enhanced. In her book, “The How of Happiness,” author Sonja Lyubomirsky mentions that researchers define savoring as any thoughts or behaviors capable of “generating, intensifying, and prolonging enjoyment.”
I also love these definitions:
To give oneself to the enjoyment of
To relish or enjoy; to delight in
To taste or smell, especially appreciatively
Here are some ways to savor the moment:
Savor a meal. The next time you sit down for a meal, notice and enjoy the flavors of each bite. Notice how different your food tastes. Really revel in the experience instead of rushing through it.
Revel in music. Play your favorite songs, and really enjoy how the music makes you feel.
Luxuriate in a spa treatment. Make an appointment for a massage or facial, or ask someone to massage your shoulders for you. Be sure to fully enjoy the sensations.
Delight in beauty. When you see something beautiful, take an extra second or two to notice the details of it. Nature is abundant with beautiful sights to enjoy.
Enjoy conversations. You can also savor a really good conversation. Savor the feelings that come up and notice how good you feel!
Lie in glory. To bask means to lie in glory. I just love that! Where could you bask? Maybe you could enjoy a sunset on your balcony, revel in an accomplishment, or hit the snooze button and enjoy a few extra minutes relaxing in bed.
Cherish a friend. The next time you’re with a good friend, really notice what you love about them. It could be the way their eyes sparkle, their witty sense of humor, or the way they really listen to you.
Enjoy routine behaviors. Imagine enjoying a routine behavior like brushing your teeth! You can enjoy the sensations of the water, the minty taste of your toothpaste, and the freshness of your breath.
And there are so many other things you can savor:
  • A hug
  • Art
  • Pictures
  • Memories
  • Future plans
  • Books
Savoring doesn’t have to be limited to vacations or special occasions. You can find endless things to savor even on ordinary days.
“The purpose of life, after all, is to love it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
–Eleanor Roosevelt
What are some things you can savor in your life?

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