Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just a Coincidence?

I had another amazing synchronicity yesterday. My mom was telling me about a friend whose daughter takes three hour naps every day, and then goes to sleep really late at night. Interestingly that day, she only took a 45 minute nap! It reminded me of something similar that happened when I was in skin care school. I noticed that no matter what time I left in the morning, I would always see this particular student from the hair design program on my way there. Obviously he noticed it too because he mentioned it to me one day. From that day on, we never saw each other on the road ever again!

I told my mom this story yesterday and later that night, I went out with a good friend of mine. We walked back to my car and all of a sudden, I looked over and saw the guy from my school!!! I haven’t seen him in three years and I just told my mom that story earlier! How do you explain something like this? It felt like much more than a coincidence. My own assessment is that everything really is connected, and when we become aware of something, it shows up in our experience.

It’s like when you get a new car, and suddenly you see it everywhere.

Who knows how or why these things happen. I think instead of trying to figure it all out, I’ll just marvel at how amazing life is!

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