Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to Recharge After Drama

Life can throw some interesting things at us sometimes! Even the most conscious and positive-minded people are not completely immune to some stress and drama once in a while. I believe we have a choice in how we handle these things. We can choose to breathe and remain centered in the midst of the chaos, or we can choose to entangle ourselves in it.
I found myself in the midst of some drama this week and although I feel like I stayed pretty calm, I felt really zapped of my inspiration and creativity afterwards. I turned to one of my go-to remedies: a twenty-minute guided meditation. It helped me truly relax and let the drama go.
So how do you replenish yourself after a difficult or dramatic experience?
Take a nap. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just take a nap! It’s one of the best ways to soothe your mind and body.
Meditate. Guided meditations are amazing because your mind is following the words that are being spoken. You are gently guided into a deep state of relaxation that benefits your mind as well as your body.
Write out your feelings. Acknowledge the way you feel in a journal, and then let it go.
Call a good friend. Talk to someone who you know will uplift you. Express how you feel, and then focus your energy on how you can let it go and move forward.
Create art. Take your mind off the subject that’s upsetting you and let yourself get happily lost in a creative activity.
Go for a walk. Walking is good for you in so many ways! When I go for a walk, I feel physically and mentally balanced.
Take a shower. The feeling of the water is so soothing. I always feel so refreshed after I take a shower.
Listen to music. Music is such a powerful soother. It’s so easy to get swept away in the rhythms and melodies of a beautiful song.
If you’re in a place where you can’t be alone, for instance if you’re at work or if you’re driving, the best thing you can do is breathe consciously and slowly. Let everything slow down and deeply feel the sensations of your breathing. Find a point of focus and zoom in on it, whether it’s a background color, the beauty of someone’s eyes, or the music in the background.
Once things have calmed down, there’s usually something of value to be gained from the experience. It might not be obvious while you’re in the middle of it, but if you look a little closer, you can see the silver lining in every cloud.

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