Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Share What Inspires You!

I think many of us don't realize the power of the stories we tell each other. I heard someone casually mention something about belly dancing, which is something I love, yet I hadn't done it in a while. I love the music and the beautiful movements. Just hearing about it inspired me. I did a search on youtube and found some really beautiful videos.

I love what the dancer does at the 20 second mark. This move alone made me marvel at the capacity of the human body; the strength, elegance, and grace that is so available to us:

I've had the desire to be physically fit, strong, and flexible for years now, but I haven't found what works for me in terms of seeing results. I've tried so many different workout programs and ways of eating, but nothing felt inspiring or doable for the long term.

I was at Barnes & Noble the other day and a book caught my attention. On the cover was a picture of a woman's midsection; basically just her abs. I picked up the book and started reading the introduction. It's called The Physique 57 Solution, and it was developed by two professional dancers. The description of it was everything I've ever wanted in a workout program: something that would strengthen my body, make me flexible, something I would enjoy, and something that will truly benefit my body. I'm on my first week of this program and I love it so much! It's extremely challenging, but I want to strengthen my body, so this is perfect.

I'm doing Physique 57 three days a week, light and what I call Joyful Cardio three days a week, and one day of rest. Joyful Cardio consists of anything that's light and fun for up to one hour. It could be a really nice walk outside, gentle yoga, swimming, and of course belly dancing!

I've also rediscovered the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. It's basically the Paleo Diet, but I think what he talks about is a little different in some ways. I love it for its simplicity. I love that it's extremely doable and I already feel better and right now, I'm only putting in a little bit of effort. I can imagine how amazing I'll feel when I do it more fully!

It's amazing to notice how much better I'm feeling in other areas, especially mentally and emotionally. I never realized taking care of my body would produce such wonderful rewards that seem to be spilling over everywhere! I even feel more empowered and equipped to accomplish lots of my other goals.

I am feeling grateful for this wonderful balance of a really easy and beneficial way of eating, as well as a workout program that I am absolutely in love with! I feel so grateful that everything in my life is coming together and unfolding gracefully and beautifully...

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