Friday, January 13, 2012

Change of Perspective

Lately I've been in a whirlwind of information and ideas. I'm still on this voracious search for "the answers." It dawned on me last night while talking to a good friend of mine, that I might not ever get the answers I'm looking for! I actually felt a sense of relief because I realized that I can just enjoy the journey of my life and not have to have every aspect of it fully understood.

In all of my research, common themes usually appear. One of my favorite themes is that it's all about perspective. No matter what happens, there is a higher perspective that can give you a sense of peace. I heard a story that exemplifies this:

There was a young man who was given a horse and everyone said, This is good! He fell off the horse and broke his leg and everyone said, This is bad! People from the army came around to recruit for the war and they didn't recruit him because of his broken leg and everyone said, This is good!

Do you see how a change of perspective changes everything?

I've been reading the work of Dr. John Demartini lately. His ideas are very different from what I've been studying over the years. With his method, you look at what you've lost and see how the experience has actually benefited you. It's kind of mind boggling to look at something that you've been seeing as a very tragic thing, and instead, seeing the blessings and gifts it has provided for you!

Let's start with a small example: I usually get annoyed when I see ads on people's websites or on facebook, etc. But even this has benefits:

The ads are supporting people's businesses. 
These ads are helping people make money and fulfill their dreams!
Some ads are actually inspiring
I don't have to pay to read the information on their websites
Having ads is a way for them to support their websites

Do you see how even just a small shift in perspective really lightens things up?

This is definitely worth exploring!


Kellie said...

Angela, thanks for your sweet comment a few months ago (eek!) on my art and affirmation cards. Also, love the Jung quote you recently tweeted! aHppy New Year!

Angela said...

Aww thanks Kellie! Yes your affirmation cards are so beautiful and unique!
True, that was a great quote!
Thanks so much for reaching out :)