Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gorgeous Time Lapse Videos

I find it remarkable that I got two totally related videos from two very different newsletters on the same day! These videos are so beautiful...I had to share them here.

An orchid blooming (time lapse)

A beautiful TED talk about gratitude...powerful! (featuring this man who does time lapse videos!)


Friday, December 23, 2011

Be Still My Soul...

I consider myself spiritual, not religious. I'm open to learning from all kinds of teachers and information, as long as it rings true for me in my heart. I went through what I lovingly call my Christian phase about eleven years ago. I was really interested in reading the Bible and it was perfect for me at the time. There was a lot of really beautiful music that I remember listening to back then, and probably my favorite group was Selah. Their music got me through a tough time.

So last night, I was driving home and the song "Be Still my Soul" came to me. The lyrics are so beautiful and perfect for me right now. And I love that I have a new perspective on the meaning of it. Here's a video someone put together on youtube:

So beautiful...