Friday, November 11, 2011


I had a truly enlightening experience today. I registered for Braco's livestreaming session about a week ago. I was so excited about having this experience because I had heard so many amazing testimonials. I logged on twenty minutes early, typed in my information, and...nothing.

Five minutes later. Still nothing.

Twenty minutes later, I finally realized I was really missing it!

I wasn't concerned about the tiny $3 charge, but I was feeling really upset because I was so looking forward to having a miraculous experience myself!

Then I got the sense that I don't "need" to go to another person for my own enlightenment.

I do believe that Braco is providing a wonderful service to lots of people, just as any healer or teacher, but I realized that I can have experiences of healing, divine love, and miracles whenever I choose to! I simply have to tune into it and I'm there.

I emailed a friend who was also registered to see if she got to see it or not. She didn't either! It was such a blessing to have this shared experience because we both gained so much clarity from it! We truly took a frustrating situation and saw the huge blessings that came out of it.

She told me that she used to follow a teacher for many years, and every time she was in his presence, she would feel so blissful and so enlightened. She thought she needed him to have those feelings. She then realized that she was feeling so good in his presence because her energy was focused in a way that made her feel good! In other words, this feeling of enlightenment and bliss is available to every one of us at any time!! All we have to do is find anything and everything to feel good about. It can be as simple as admiring a beautiful flower, enjoying a sunset, enjoying beautiful music, connecting with people...the list goes on.

I learned so much from this experience today. I am actually grateful that I didn't get to see the livestream! I feel so empowered because I know I can achieve this bliss on my own.

I realized something else: I watched some of Braco's youtube videos and listened to people's testimonials. I noticed some people were crying, and many reported miraculous healings. I realized it's possible that they experienced these things because of their belief. They believed that Braco has this gift...this healing gaze, and so they released resistance; they released tension, and they allowed their own connection to their Soul to come through!

There is so much more to say about this! It's fascinating and I love how much I'm learning every day. Life is truly amazing and I am grateful for all the clarity and understanding that keeps expanding!

Here's to your own enlightenment!

(image from Google search, "field of flowers")

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