Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creating a New Normal

I've heard the concept of creating a new normal from about four different sources lately so I am definitely paying attention!

It stood out for me when Oprah mentioned it on her Lifeclass the other day. She said that when we experience a loss of some kind, we tend to want things to be back to normal, or back to the way they were; but we have to actually create a new normal! I felt such relief when I heard this! 

I lost my brother five years ago--not to death, but simply because of a family disagreement that resulted in him choosing to cut off all communication. Even all this time later, I miss the days when we spent so much time laughing, talking, hanging out...I miss the family get-togethers that resembled feasts...I miss so many things about those days.

But after hearing this idea of a new normal, I'm actually letting go of attachment to the past, and I'm starting to feel excited about what I can create now.

The physical world around us is so compelling, but I'm starting to believe that the world of our desires can be just as compelling. If you're in a difficult situation, it's so in-your-face that it can be hard to look beyond it and realize that it can change! Yet if you look back on your life, you'll notice that your life is constantly changing. Nothing is permanent. This is the nature of grow, to evolve, to change!

Use the power of your focus, your imagination, and your thoughts, to step into your new world! Write new I AM statements and post them everywhere around you, meditate, connect with new friends, read new books, look at things from a higher perspective, and most importantly, spend more time thinking about your delicious desires! Enjoy the thoughts of your deepest dreams. Bask in the world of your imagination. Create your new normal in your heart and mind, and soon you'll see your world change to conform to your beautiful imagination.

(Note: if you're interested, the places I've heard of this concept were from Oprah on her lifeclass on OWN, Abraham-Hicks in their video "Weird is the new normal," Harrison Klein from his interviews, and Robin Retallick from

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S said...

I lost my sister ten years ago. I still don't know why I lost you. I miss you.

Angela said...

Hi S,

I just wrote a blog post about loss. The title is "Change of Perspective." I talk a little bit about the work of John Demartini...maybe it will help :)
Much love,