Monday, November 28, 2011

My Answered Prayer!

The other day, I looked over at my bookshelf and I was drawn to pick up the book "Open Your Mind to Prosperity" by Catherine Ponder. I have a ton of books, but for some reason, I was really drawn to this one. I flipped it open to a paragraph that inspired such clarity and insights. Here is the quote:

"By first listing your desires and then picturing them, you create your good on the invisible plane. You gather the substance ("gold dust") of the universe together on the invisible plane. But it is through the spoken word of prosperity that your words then move on that invisible substance, form it as definite results, and give it birth in the visible world."

When I read this, I felt such clarity and I immediately started putting it into practice. I started saying some of her beautiful affirmations out loud. I noticed that I felt better, I felt powerful, and even a little bit lightheaded! And something just clicked for me. Some of the affirmations I said were:

I am a divine idea in the mind of God, and I am now guided into my true place with the true people and with the true prosperity.

I have a wonderful job with wonderful pay.
I do a wonderful service in a wonderful way.

The next day, my parents ran into a friend they had not seen in about four or five years. Of course they asked how the kids are doing. He said his daughter is a consultant for a natural skin care line, and that I might be interested in it as well. I've always been drawn to the world of natural health and non-toxic products, but I got away from it a little bit after going through some challenges in the last few years.

I talked to her the next day and she told me more about it. The company's products are vegan, botanically based, and nontoxic. Something clicked for me. I knew this was a tremendous opportunity. She dropped off a tote bag filled with gorgeous products for me to try. I tried the products and I fell in love! Everything smelled so good and my skin felt amazing. When it was time to give them back, I didn't want to!

A few days later, I attended her launch party and I knew this was something I wanted to pursue, even though it was (and is) so far out of my comfort zone! I signed up and became a consultant! It has only been two weeks, and I've already grown so much and learned so much about myself.

This experience is answering so many of my heart's desires, including:

Skin care that is nontoxic and awesome
Makeup that is nontoxic and awesome
Having people around me who have similar outlooks and interests as me
Having my own business with my own schedule and...
Making money!

The possibilities are very exciting, and I'm so grateful. Now it's just about aligning with people who have similar desires. Time for more affirmations!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Update on My Braco Experience

Earlier today, I had a very enlightening experience regarding Braco's livestreaming event. You can check it out here.

At approximately 2:58, I noticed there was an email from Braco's people. It was sent out at 2:55 with an announcement that they were going to do a free livestream for the people who couldn't access the earlier one, which was starting at 3pm!

Even with all the insights and clarity I experienced as I mentioned earlier, I was still curious to see what it would be like. I quickly logged on and I figured, why not.

There was a short introduction, and then Braco was announced and he began his gaze. I immediately felt a tingling sensation at the top of my head which lasted for a few seconds, and overall I felt peaceful. The gaze lasted for about ten minutes. Right now I feel pretty normal--maybe a little more relaxed.

It felt a lot like having a Matrix Energetics session, which is simply a form of energy work. I really feel like it's all the same! We are all using different methods to access the same thing: Pure Divine Love!

Neale Donald Walsch posted a really beautiful quote on facebook yesterday that sums it all up:

"What the soul is after is the highest feeling of love you can imagine."

Sounds good to me!

(image from Google search "field of flowers")


I had a truly enlightening experience today. I registered for Braco's livestreaming session about a week ago. I was so excited about having this experience because I had heard so many amazing testimonials. I logged on twenty minutes early, typed in my information, and...nothing.

Five minutes later. Still nothing.

Twenty minutes later, I finally realized I was really missing it!

I wasn't concerned about the tiny $3 charge, but I was feeling really upset because I was so looking forward to having a miraculous experience myself!

Then I got the sense that I don't "need" to go to another person for my own enlightenment.

I do believe that Braco is providing a wonderful service to lots of people, just as any healer or teacher, but I realized that I can have experiences of healing, divine love, and miracles whenever I choose to! I simply have to tune into it and I'm there.

I emailed a friend who was also registered to see if she got to see it or not. She didn't either! It was such a blessing to have this shared experience because we both gained so much clarity from it! We truly took a frustrating situation and saw the huge blessings that came out of it.

She told me that she used to follow a teacher for many years, and every time she was in his presence, she would feel so blissful and so enlightened. She thought she needed him to have those feelings. She then realized that she was feeling so good in his presence because her energy was focused in a way that made her feel good! In other words, this feeling of enlightenment and bliss is available to every one of us at any time!! All we have to do is find anything and everything to feel good about. It can be as simple as admiring a beautiful flower, enjoying a sunset, enjoying beautiful music, connecting with people...the list goes on.

I learned so much from this experience today. I am actually grateful that I didn't get to see the livestream! I feel so empowered because I know I can achieve this bliss on my own.

I realized something else: I watched some of Braco's youtube videos and listened to people's testimonials. I noticed some people were crying, and many reported miraculous healings. I realized it's possible that they experienced these things because of their belief. They believed that Braco has this gift...this healing gaze, and so they released resistance; they released tension, and they allowed their own connection to their Soul to come through!

There is so much more to say about this! It's fascinating and I love how much I'm learning every day. Life is truly amazing and I am grateful for all the clarity and understanding that keeps expanding!

Here's to your own enlightenment!

(image from Google search, "field of flowers")

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creating a New Normal

I've heard the concept of creating a new normal from about four different sources lately so I am definitely paying attention!

It stood out for me when Oprah mentioned it on her Lifeclass the other day. She said that when we experience a loss of some kind, we tend to want things to be back to normal, or back to the way they were; but we have to actually create a new normal! I felt such relief when I heard this! 

I lost my brother five years ago--not to death, but simply because of a family disagreement that resulted in him choosing to cut off all communication. Even all this time later, I miss the days when we spent so much time laughing, talking, hanging out...I miss the family get-togethers that resembled feasts...I miss so many things about those days.

But after hearing this idea of a new normal, I'm actually letting go of attachment to the past, and I'm starting to feel excited about what I can create now.

The physical world around us is so compelling, but I'm starting to believe that the world of our desires can be just as compelling. If you're in a difficult situation, it's so in-your-face that it can be hard to look beyond it and realize that it can change! Yet if you look back on your life, you'll notice that your life is constantly changing. Nothing is permanent. This is the nature of grow, to evolve, to change!

Use the power of your focus, your imagination, and your thoughts, to step into your new world! Write new I AM statements and post them everywhere around you, meditate, connect with new friends, read new books, look at things from a higher perspective, and most importantly, spend more time thinking about your delicious desires! Enjoy the thoughts of your deepest dreams. Bask in the world of your imagination. Create your new normal in your heart and mind, and soon you'll see your world change to conform to your beautiful imagination.

(Note: if you're interested, the places I've heard of this concept were from Oprah on her lifeclass on OWN, Abraham-Hicks in their video "Weird is the new normal," Harrison Klein from his interviews, and Robin Retallick from

(image from Google search "pathways")

It's All About Perspective

I often wonder how people overcome difficulties, ranging from small to big. We all experience challenges, but how do we overcome them and thrive again?

This is what I've learned from hearing stories over the years: support from family and friends is key. Another key to recovery is seeing the event from a higher perspective. Also, having something positive to focus on: a new project, or something that honors the person you lost.

On one of Oprah's live webcasts, Iyanla Vanzant said "Your issue becomes your cause."

But what do you do when you don't feel like doing anything? How do you recover when you don't see the point to any of it? That's when you need to reach out the most. Call someone, email someone, reach out in some way, and you'll find that the sadness starts to dissipate.

I heard of Braco about a year ago. He is known for his healing gaze, although he doesn't call himself a healer. At his live events, he stands in front of the audience, and simply gazes, and reportedly, people experience feelings of profound peace and love, and miraculous healings. I signed up for the live online event on 11/11/11 so I can experience it myself. It's only $3! From what I read, it seems that Braco is a conduit for pure divine love. I think what he's doing is allowing divine love to flow through him, and touch everyone in the audience.

The reason I bring this up is because I feel like love truly heals everything. What does that mean? It means that when you look at something through the perspective of love, it all makes sense. I've learned that when someone hurts another person, they are actually in pain. I've seen this over and over, in my own life and in stories I've heard.

So, what is the answer? In my opinion, the answer is: 

Go within and get in touch with the part of you that knows only Love.

There are many names for this: your Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, Total Self, Divine Self...but it's really unnameable. It's simply the part of you that is completely at peace, completely wise, and completely loving...