Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reflections on our Global Connection

The other day, I announced and celebrated my 100th blog post! I was so excited and I even announced it on facebook, which was a first for me. It feels great to be really open about my spirituality and express my outlook on life with my friends and family.

But then...

I realized it was actually my 89th post! I had eleven drafts saved, which made it look like there were 100 posts.

I realized that there are lots of blessings in this:

I now feel more inspired to catch up to that 100-mark and do the announcement all over again

The timing was perfect because I had just watched Oprah's Lifeclass and webcast about living your truth, and I was feeling really inspired

Now my facebook tribe is aware of my blog, and I feel more connected to that awareness, which is continuing the flow of inspiration...the ideas keep pouring in!

I'm feeling really grateful to have a platform like this where I can express my thoughts freely. I love that there is the potential that anyone who reads my blog will feel uplifted and inspired. I love having a place like facebook and twitter where more and more people can read my work. I love this experience of a global connection. I love knowing that we are all spiritually connected, and I love how facebook and twitter capture the symbolism of our spiritual connection.

Life keeps unfolding magnificently. Each day brings a new awareness, deeper insights, and clearer understanding. I am grateful for what I know, and I am grateful that I keep learning more and more every day.

What are you grateful for?

What are some blessings that have come out of a frustrating experience you had?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

PS: Check out Oprah's new book! Release Date is 11/15/11

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