Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Power of I Am!

Life is really taking on a magical quality lately! It feels like things are changing and shifting in the best ways. I'm taking a look at the most helpful things that have made the most positive difference for me, and I want to summarize them here.

I usually browse the Abraham-Hicks discussion board at abeforum.com. There are always tons of inspiring stories and quotes on there. There's a section where people post notes and quotes from the most recent workshops, and there have been so many gems for me. I'm going to paraphrase and summarize my favorite concepts and insights from those notes:

Release tension about what-is. What-is is only a temporary place. It's the first step on the journey to where you're going. And it's a reflection of your current thoughts and vibration. (This thought gave me the biggest sigh of relief! I feel like I've released years of resistance and tension when I started practicing this!)

Another thing they said was "Source doesn't freak out about anything." They also said it in another way: "There is no tension in Source about anything." This is one of my favorite things to say when I see something that upsets me. They also said "Source is on it!" This is my go-to statement when I start to worry.

Another thing that has been magnificently helpful and magical is something called the "I AM Principles," taught by Harrison Klein. I discovered Harrison when Jeneth Blackert interviewed him on her teleseminar series. Her series is called the New Wealth Experience, where she does interviews with spiritual teachers about wealth and spirituality. I had never heard of her before, and I've only listened to a few minutes of only one of her interviews previously, but I felt compelled to listen to this one.

I was so inspired and immediately felt the power of the I AM Principles, which are simply statements that you start with the words I AM. For example, I Am Love, I Am Joy, I Am Peace...You can also say things like I Am richly supplied, I Am divinely guided, I Am talented, etc. It's all about the state of being that you feel when you say them.

I've been playing with statements like: I Am clear and bright. I Am abundant, I Am Love, I Am Peace...It has only been a few days and I can already see so many changes. For example, for the last four or five days, I've been decluttering everything! I've felt so compelled to get rid of old things that I don't need or want. I found a check for $105 from last May that I never deposited! I feel compelled to eat more fresh veggies. I watched a video on hypnosis yesterday and I heard it mentioned twice more today!

I feel so blessed with all these fresh insights and I'm sharing them here so that you can be blessed also! This is just a sampling of everything I've been learning and integrating lately, and I'll definitely be sharing more!

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