Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pleasantly Obsessed with Gratitude!

“God spoke to me about you in my prayers this morning!”
What a great way to be greeted at work, by the beautiful, sweet, loving, nurturing Janice.

We’ve had lots of inspiring conversations in between clients for the last couple of months, and today was no different. When she finally revealed God’s message for me a couple of hours later, it wasn’t what I expected to hear. It wasn’t a message about my future, or my soul mate, or anything like that. It was a message about starting an I Am Grateful journal. At first, I felt a little “underwhelmed” because I feel like I’ve heard this so many times…

But as I thought about it, it started taking on a magical feeling. I continued the rest of my evening gently thinking thoughts beginning with “I Am Grateful…” and everything that unfolded after that was completely magical. I experienced instant rapport with three people I never met before. (It’s funny, I talked to my friend Chris who recently moved to Texas, and he was telling me about how friendly everyone is over there!) I felt inspired to buy Rhonda Byrne’s Gratitude Journal, and when I got to the bookstore, there were two women right in front of the section where the book would be. We started chatting and suddenly she placed a book on the shelf, and guess what book it was? It was the gratitude journal! No joke!! I told her that’s the book I was looking for and she was like, wow!

I also feel grateful because I remembered the concept of feeling gratitude in advance. This inspired thoughts like: I am grateful this worked out. I am grateful my body feels so balanced and happy. I am grateful for my amazing new job! I am so grateful I have all the money I need right now, etc. It felt so good to think thoughts like that. And they were very gentle; not forced at all. It all felt very natural.

I am grateful for all the magic that is unfolding out of this beautiful state of gratitude J

(Side note: the image is the cover of the raw foods book "I Am Grateful" by Terces Engelhart with Orchid)