Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Power of Peace, Love, and Joy

You really can find inspiration everywhere. I just turned on my tv and saw the end of an episode of “Chopped,” which I hardly ever watch. They showed the winner, who was talking about how much he loves his daughter. I loved seeing all three judges moved to tears. I love that I was also moved to tears! It’s amazing how powerful love is. He taught his daughter that it’s not what you say, it’s what you do. At the end of the show, he said, “No matter what, always do your best.”

This is something I was just reading this afternoon in Russell Simmons’s book, “Super Rich.” Russell talks about treating the bottom rungs of the ladder with the same passion and intensity as the ones at the top.

Which reminds me: there were lots of synchronicities that happened today.

I spent the day with my close friend Rebekah, her son, husband, and sister. We watched “Did You Hear about the Morgans” and ordered Chinese food. Her sister’s fortune cookie mentioned the choice of non action, and I was just reading about that in Russell’s book today!

In the movie, Hugh Grant’s character opens the movie with a very long voicemail message, in which he mentions an ice sculpture. After the show “Chopped” ended, this other show began called “Ice Brigade” which is about a team of ice sculptors! Seriously, what are the chances? That movie came out in 2009, and I how often do I watch the Food Network? Not that often!

This reminds me of another significant synchronicity:

I’ve had this desire to just escape to an island and live a simple, quiet life, away from all the stress and pressure of modern life. But then I read a different perspective from two very different authors: Lee Carroll (channel for Kryon) and Russell Simmons. Russell talks about how we don’t need to go to a mountain top and meditate to be peaceful and happy; we can live life as a moving meditation, and be peaceful and present no matter what.

Kryon talks about how we might be living in a place that feels unenlightened, yet we are needed there to hold the energy. This feels like such a relief! I always thought I was supposed to move to a laid back place like California or some island where I could meditate and be at peace 24/7. I love this idea of being wherever I am and holding the energy of love, joy, and peace.

I could easily write pages and pages on these ideas…and I probably will eventually! But for now, I’m sending out rays of peace, love, and joy.

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