Friday, February 18, 2011

Inspiration from Russell Simmons!

On Wednesday, as I was driving, the words “Golden Lotus” popped into my awareness. I loved the sound of that and I loved the image of a golden lotus flower. I wrote those words down and went on my way.

The next day, I went to Barnes & Noble, and as I turned my car off, I said a short and silent prayer to be guided to what is best for me right now. As soon as I walked in, Russell Simmons’ book “Super Rich” got my attention. There were so many books on the display tables, but maybe the bright and beautiful gold background got my attention. Or maybe it was Russell’s peaceful, joyful countenance…or maybe it was the title! (There are so many things I want to experience in life and being rich would make all those things easy and accessible!)

I sat down and started reading the first few pages. He mentioned the word Samadhi, which was amazing because the night before, I had done a Samadhi meditation. Then I had the urge to look at the spine of the book, and what did I see? A golden lotus flower!! So far, all good signs J

I’ve only read about forty pages so far, and I already love this book. I really love how honest and authentic he is. I love that he doesn’t eat meat, which is aligned with a decision I made last week to be a vegetarian again.

I became a vegetarian when I was seventeen, after seeing a whole lamb being roasted in my parents’ backyard one Easter. I took one look at it and I knew I couldn’t eat meat again. But all I remember from that time was that everyone around me was telling me I need meat, I could get sick, it’s so radical…and so after about two years, I went back to eating meat again. At that time, I wanted the approval of the people in my life more than I wanted to be true to myself. (Also, I visited family in Greece, and I was surrounded by amazing home cooked meals, so it was hard to resist!)

But all that has changed! As I keep moving through my wonderful spiritual journey, all the pieces are fitting together. I’m taking steps towards what feels most aligned with my highest good, and I’m finding that when I do what makes me feel fulfilled, I’m so much happier. And that happiness naturally inspires others to their own happiness. And that feels good to me!

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