Monday, January 3, 2011

Rome and Thoughts on "The One"

The other night, I watched a really delightful romantic comedy, “When in Rome.” There were so many great moments. My favorite scene in the whole movie was when Danny Devito’s character said that he made a wish in the fountain in Rome, not to bring his wife back, but to feel the way he felt when she was alive. I could feel my heart center open wide. I realized that I really want a deep and true love relationship in my life.

When the movie was over, I sat at my computer and felt this gentle urge to Google “Calling in the One,” by Katherine Woodward Thomas, which is a book I had heard about a while ago, but I didn’t know anything about it or the author. I simply typed in that phrase, and I clicked on the link to the website. Usually when I want to find out more about a book, I go directly to amazon, but for some reason, I went to Google and was led to the author’s website. On her website were two videos from when she appeared on a morning talk show. On the second video, the guest mentioned that she met a great guy shortly after starting the program, and he proposed to her in Rome, Italy!

Then I looked up the book on amazon and I read the entire preface in one sitting, which is unusual for me! I usually need to take breaks when I read. I wanted to continue reading but it was really late. In her preface, she mentions that she made an intention to be engaged by her birthday which was 8 ½ months away…and the funny thing is, MY birthday is 8 ½ months away! How amazing!

A few days before all this, I started a seven day free trial on and there was a guy I found interesting whose screenname was RoamItaly! Also, my step-brother is traveling from Athens to Toronto, and his flight got re-routed to Rome somehow! I love this synchronicity...

So the next day, after seeing this movie and reading about the book, I went to Borders to buy it. The funny thing is: I noticed so many cute guys everywhere! This one guy got in line behind me and I was really drawn to his energy. He seemed very grounded and centered. He was talking on his cell phone and I really liked his voice. Then I went to Whole Foods and the same thing happened: there were cute guys everywhere! I noticed this one guy who sort of looked like he was a musician and an artist. He was tall with beautiful dark hair, and an air of strength and quiet confidence about him. We made a little bit of eye contact and it was fun!

There has definitely been a profound shift within me…

Very exciting J

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