Friday, January 14, 2011

Fitness Inspiration...A Brand New Beginning for Me!

About a month ago, I was out shopping for a new bra, since I had literally outgrown my old ones. I guess one benefit of gaining some weight is that some of it goes to your boobs! (The eternal optimist in me shines throughJ)

The woman who was helping me was really busy. I tried on one of the bras she chose for me and I sat on the stool in the dressing room waiting for her. I saw myself in the mirror and I noticed how much extra weight I was carrying around my midsection! I had never noticed this before.

I bought two new bras and I also took a pamphlet of their new collection. I looked through the pamphlet when I got home and I admired how nice the models’ bodies looked. They were so slim and fit. I think a desire to have a slim and fit body sparked within me in that moment. I cut out a few pictures for my Vision Book, but none of them truly inspired me, so I just put them in my picture box.

The other day, I went to Borders and I was drawn to the cover of this fitness magazine. I never notice those magazines, but the girl on the cover looked so happy and radiant. She was absolutely glowing! Then I noticed her before picture, and I was astonished! She used to weigh 206 pounds! I thought: how could someone who once weighed over 200 pounds have such a toned, fit body? (see below)

I was mesmerized. I looked through the magazine and saw more success stories and realized: maybe I can do this too! And to top it all off, the girl on the cover (Chady Dunmore) mentioned that she uses a vision board!

I've gone through some emotionally exhausting experiences over the last few years, and emotional eating has been one way I’ve been dealing with it. Needless to say, I've put on a few pounds!

I went on a diet when I was about seventeen. It lasted less than a week. Dieting is not for me. But looking through this magazine, I realized that these women are not dieting; they have adopted new, lifelong eating habits. The way they eat and live now is not temporary; this is their new way of life!

I realized that I want to get in shape because I know how good I’ll feel. My clothes will feel comfortable, I’ll feel sexy and beautiful, and I’ll enjoy wearing skirts and heels again! I think I’ll feel better in general. And I’m starting to feel like this physical transformation is a huge part of my spiritual journey.


Roxie-Girl said...

Thanks for following my blog. If you haven't bought this magazine yet, I'm actually giving away a copy right now. Did you see the post about it on my blog?
I'm so glad you had a moment after seeing the cover, the women in these mags are so inspiring.
I've adopted the clean eating lifestyle, as it's been a miracle in my life of living with Type 1 Diabetes.
The other magazine I get is Oxygen. Real good.

I love your blog, so uplifting.


Angela said...

Hey Roxie-Girl!
Thanks for your comment :)
I saw your post...that's the exact magazine that inspired me to begin with (I actually have 2 copies--one to read, and one to cut out pictures for my vision book!)

Thank you so much for your positive words...all the best to you!