Thursday, December 30, 2010

Faith and Feeling it Now!

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks!

Babysitting (something I haven’t done in years!), getting sick on too much eggnog (what was I thinking! Eggnog? Really?), Christmas, lots of snow…and of course, some really wonderful synchronicities J

There has been a strong and frequent reoccurrence of the word “faith” seemingly everywhere! I’ve also been coming across the concept of feeling that your desires are fulfilled now, as opposed to wishing and hoping that they will come true.

I discovered that my brother has a blog. He just started it in October. I read it and most of it made me feel sad, but there was one thing he said that made so much sense to me: “You can’t be thankful and hopeful for something at the same time.” (paraphrased) To me, this is brilliant.

It applies to this wonderful concept of feeling the reality of your desires, even before they physically manifest. This is being thankful for them now!

I think it really first started with Mike Dooley’s book. Then I realized that Abraham has been saying the same thing! Then I noticed the same concept in an Ernest Holmes book, then in Neville Goddard’s “Your Faith is Your Fortune.” (There’s that word faith again!) This concept is everywhere!

This is fun to play with. I have a friend that I talk to a few times a week. We talk about what’s going well and sometimes we play with visualizing. I love the beautiful images that show up when I just relax and gently describe what I see. I’ve described my dream house in vivid detail, a massage on the beach in Aruba, dinner parties at my house with close friends, my slim and sexy body, and lots of other wonderful things. It’s so fun!

This is just the beginning of a new level of understanding. So exciting!

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