Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue Butterflies

I’ve been working on a beautiful vision book (basically a vision board in the form of a scrapbook). I’ve been enjoying the process of finding beautiful pictures and words and putting them all together.

I’ve loved blue butterflies for as long as I can remember. (I think what started it was seeing a picture of one in the CD booklet of Under the Pink by Tori Amos—one of my favorite albums of all time!)

So of course, I have a bunch of pictures of them in my collection. As I was looking at one in particular, I remembered my days of wanting to become a Holistic Health Counselor a few years ago. I remembered creating a name for my business: Blue Butterfly Wellness. I picked that name because blue butterflies symbolized so much for me: freedom, lightness, beauty, elegance, even strength…a sort of spiritual strength.

The next day, I got my mail and I didn’t even look closely. Later that night, I picked up one of the envelopes. It was from Bank of America. On the back, it said, “Give your business a boost.” I turned it around and I noticed on the address, underneath my name, it said “Blue Butterfly Wellness!”

I was in awe. I just stared at those words, wondering…how in the world??? It’s kind of astounding because I created that name years ago! How did Bank of America find it? And how amazing was the timing?

These synchronicities are getting more and more amazing!

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