Thursday, December 30, 2010

Faith and Feeling it Now!

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks!

Babysitting (something I haven’t done in years!), getting sick on too much eggnog (what was I thinking! Eggnog? Really?), Christmas, lots of snow…and of course, some really wonderful synchronicities J

There has been a strong and frequent reoccurrence of the word “faith” seemingly everywhere! I’ve also been coming across the concept of feeling that your desires are fulfilled now, as opposed to wishing and hoping that they will come true.

I discovered that my brother has a blog. He just started it in October. I read it and most of it made me feel sad, but there was one thing he said that made so much sense to me: “You can’t be thankful and hopeful for something at the same time.” (paraphrased) To me, this is brilliant.

It applies to this wonderful concept of feeling the reality of your desires, even before they physically manifest. This is being thankful for them now!

I think it really first started with Mike Dooley’s book. Then I realized that Abraham has been saying the same thing! Then I noticed the same concept in an Ernest Holmes book, then in Neville Goddard’s “Your Faith is Your Fortune.” (There’s that word faith again!) This concept is everywhere!

This is fun to play with. I have a friend that I talk to a few times a week. We talk about what’s going well and sometimes we play with visualizing. I love the beautiful images that show up when I just relax and gently describe what I see. I’ve described my dream house in vivid detail, a massage on the beach in Aruba, dinner parties at my house with close friends, my slim and sexy body, and lots of other wonderful things. It’s so fun!

This is just the beginning of a new level of understanding. So exciting!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue Butterflies

I’ve been working on a beautiful vision book (basically a vision board in the form of a scrapbook). I’ve been enjoying the process of finding beautiful pictures and words and putting them all together.

I’ve loved blue butterflies for as long as I can remember. (I think what started it was seeing a picture of one in the CD booklet of Under the Pink by Tori Amos—one of my favorite albums of all time!)

So of course, I have a bunch of pictures of them in my collection. As I was looking at one in particular, I remembered my days of wanting to become a Holistic Health Counselor a few years ago. I remembered creating a name for my business: Blue Butterfly Wellness. I picked that name because blue butterflies symbolized so much for me: freedom, lightness, beauty, elegance, even strength…a sort of spiritual strength.

The next day, I got my mail and I didn’t even look closely. Later that night, I picked up one of the envelopes. It was from Bank of America. On the back, it said, “Give your business a boost.” I turned it around and I noticed on the address, underneath my name, it said “Blue Butterfly Wellness!”

I was in awe. I just stared at those words, wondering…how in the world??? It’s kind of astounding because I created that name years ago! How did Bank of America find it? And how amazing was the timing?

These synchronicities are getting more and more amazing!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Constantly Amazed...

I am constantly amazed at the beauty of life these days…and the ease in which things are happening for me. It’s amazing how easily things unfold when I stop trying so hard!

I’ve been watching reruns of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the last few days, and I’ve really been appreciating and enjoying all the huge success and abundance that I’m seeing.

On one of the episodes, the ladies get invited to a dinner party, hosted by a friend of theirs named Mohamed. His house was absolutely exquisite. Its beauty and grandeur are beyond description. I remember having the thought: I would love to find out more about this man. Talk about success!

A couple of days later, I was at the bookstore, looking through some delicious homes magazines. I’ve been working on a gorgeous vision book, filling it with the most inspiring pictures. I picked up Dream Homes International and Unique Homes. The copy of Unique Homes was sealed, but I had a really strong urge to buy it anyway (it’s very unlike me to buy a book or magazine that’s sealed! I like to check things out before I buy)

Later that night, I was looking through the magazines, just enjoying all the gorgeous pictures, when I noticed a write up about a very successful Realtor. As I kept reading, I noticed they were talking about someone named Mohamed. I Googled him and it’s the same Mohamed that was on the Housewives show!

I wanted to find out more about this man and the Universe delivered my desire to me…how cool J

Makes me want to dream bigger J

Spontaneous Illumination!

The other morning I checked my email, and I clicked on something that made the words and images appear extremely tiny! I had no idea what I clicked and so I didn’t know how to put it back to normal. I sat there for maybe ten minutes trying to fix it, but I just couldn’t figure it out.

Finally, after all that frustration, I stepped away from my computer and went for my 20 minute walk. A little while later I was feeling refreshed so I decided to give it another try. I still couldn’t figure it out. Then I remembered something Mike Dooley wrote about in Manifesting Change: he talked about deductive reasoning and spontaneous illumination, and how Albert Einstein used to come up with solutions to problems simply by thinking about them.

I’m telling you: the second I thought about this, I had the gentle urge to click on the image of a little wrench on my screen, and that was it! Problem solved! Amazing J

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gentle Nudges

I have so many books…and I love them all! I love soaking up new information and remembering things I learned months or years ago. I was at Barnes & Noble the other day and I saw a quote by Erasmus: “When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” Perfectly stated J

So these days, I’ve been really intrigued with the idea of visualizing what you want to experience, feeling like it’s real right now. I’ve been playing with this and it’s so fun and really easy to do. I remembered reading about how some people write themselves a check for a specific amount of money, in order to get into the feeling of having that amount. I’ve never done this, but I remember buying a wallet that came with a blank check, and I thought it would be fun to give it a try! But I couldn’t remember where I put it.

For the past few days, I kept getting this gentle urge to look at Jack Canfield’s book “The Success Principles,” which I haven’t looked at in quite a while. I started flipping through it this morning and I wondered if he had anything to say about visualization. I looked in the index, and turned to the page where he talks about the process of visualizing…and what did I find there, holding that exact page as a bookmark? Yup, the blank check I was looking for!!!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jumping for Joy!

A couple of weeks ago, I watched Oprah’s Favorite things, and I was brought to tears just watching the audience members jumping up and down with excitement. It was kind of funny to watch, but it filled me with joy.

Then about a week later, as I mentioned in my last post, I read Mike Dooley’s latest book, and one of the things he suggests is getting physical with your visualizations—which includes waving your hands in the air, pumping your fists, and the like. I’ve been doing this almost every day, and I added jumping up and down! Sometimes I pretend that I just won all of Oprah’s favorite things that she’s ever featured! It’s really fun and it puts me in a good mood instantly. J

In this video, someone put together just the audience reactions…it’s fun to watch, but of course it was more fun to see the whole show!

Have fun visualizing!