Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inner Nudges and Marvelous Creations!

I feel so excited to share this marvelous experience that I created! On Tuesday November 9th, I felt inspired to go to the Freehold Mall. I usually only go there when I have a list of a few things I need to buy, because it’s a bit of a drive (about 50 minutes) but always totally worth it! I didn’t really have anything specific to buy, but I trusted my inner nudge.

There’s a beautiful Borders bookstore there, and I love going there and browsing around. So on Tuesday, I went in and strolled by the metaphysical section. I noticed that they had the new Abraham meditation CD and guidebook! I’ve been waiting for this for a while now. (I just checked my amazon wishlist, and I added it on September 6th!)

Now, the release date is scheduled for November 15th. So when I saw the CD/guidebook on the shelf, I stood there almost in disbelief. At first, I felt guilty for some reason, but then I realized: I am such a powerful creator! I really wanted this CD; in fact, I wanted an advanced copy…and I got it!

I usually participate on an Abraham discussion board. I shared my excitement on there and I caused quite a stir! People were running out to bookstores, making phone calls, only to be told that the item will be available on the 15th and no sooner!

To me, this feels like a sweet and delicious miracle. I listened to the general wellbeing meditation last night and it was so gorgeous! I felt so relaxed, so connected, so loved. I felt clarity. I woke up this morning feeling good. I had an amazing day with an amazing friend of mine and her two fabulous daughters! Everything just felt so aligned today. In fact, at this moment, I feel like amazing things are brewing within me, ready to be expressed. I feel like it’s just the beginning!


EL @The Smiling Spirit said...

That's fantastic!!
I've been reading and listening to that for a week now and LOVE IT!!!

I have a review coming out for it on the 15th because HayHouse said I wasn't allowed to post it any sooner.

Guess you're "in the loop" too!!

Angela said...

It's fabulous!
This is another example of something I wanted that I forgot about, and now here it is!
I'm looking forward to reading your review :)
I love being in the loop!