Friday, October 8, 2010

What I learned from my orange gerber daisy plant

I bought a lovely potted gerber daisy plant a few weeks ago at the supermarket. I was so drawn to the gorgeous orange and yellow colors…it reminded me of a vibrant sunset. And the price was $3.33 so how could I not get it! And it felt extra special to me because a couple of days later, I noticed the Sounds True catalog I received had a huge orange gerber daisy on the front cover!

I was so happy and excited about it, that I made sure I took care of it. I mean, I really took care of it…a little too much. I watered it so much that I killed it! I was upset at first, but then I thought: everything is symbolic. Everything is teaching me something, so what is this teaching me? And I realized that I’ve been “watering” myself too much in terms of trying to understand spiritual principles, and trying to make huge changes in my life, practicing meditation and reading and writing in all my spare time. I’m trying way too hard! I’m smothering myself!

So I’ve decided to try a new approach: for the next thirty days, I’m going to rest my mind and my body, and just take it easy all around. I have never tried this before, so I know it’s going to take practice. I’m only going to read if I feel inspired to…in fact, I’m only going to do what inspires me, and if something doesn’t inspire me, I’m going to look for the most positive aspects of it. I like this!


Linda said...

HI Angela, yes we often try to hard. Time to replenish and renew often means rest, do nothing, do what feels good, pamper. Glad you are taking time to just chill, just be. There is much value in the chyrsillis (spelling???) stage. I liked the book When the Heart Waits. namaste Linda

Angela said...

Thanks Linda!
Blessings to you :)