Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Favorite Synchronicity So Far!

Last week, I felt inspired to listen to the recording of the Abraham-Hicks workshop I went to in May. I listened to the CD’s in my car over the span of a few days. One of the questioners mentioned white roses and petunias. He was asking hypothetical questions and used these flowers as examples.

The next day, I went to Starbucks and the only available seat had a small white book on it with the letters “OK” on the front cover. It looked like someone intentionally placed it directly in the middle of the seat. It looked a little tattered and worn, like it had been handled a lot. I opened it up and it was the book, “One Hundred Flowers” which is a collection of 100 of Georgia O’keeffe’s flower paintings. (Hence the “OK”)

I remembered that I had this book when I was in high school. I loved it back then and it was so wonderful to see it. I sat there for quite a while, completely immersed in this book. I soaked up every painting and every word. I was one with the book!

I noticed a painting of a petunia several pages into it and remembered the guy talking about petunias on the CD just yesterday! There were about 6 or 7 paintings of petunias in the book! Then I noticed…you guessed it: paintings of white roses!

I’m thoroughly appreciating this delightful synchronicity. I feel so connected to the universe. I absolutely love these synchronicities. They make me feel like I’m in the divine flow and that anything truly is possible…

Friday, October 8, 2010

It was there the whole time!

My dad seems to love taking care of cars and doing projects around the house that require tools and such. Ever since I started driving, my dad has always taken care of my car. Believe me, I never stopped him! He’s in Greece right now, with my mom. So a few weeks ago, I noticed the inspection sticker on my window. The date was July of 2010. Oops! It was September when I noticed it. So I made sure I had the documents I needed, including my registration and insurance id card. I couldn’t find either of them. I finally found the registration card. But the id card was nowhere to be found. I looked in the glove compartment three times, and I even looked in my parents’ file cabinet with all the records of everything, and it wasn’t there.

So I called the company and asked if they could mail me a copy of it. Sure, no problem, they said. Twice, I received the wrong document in the mail! No big deal; I’m only two months late on the inspection date! ;) The third time I called, I made sure they were sending me the right thing. Mind you, the days and weeks went by and it’s now October.

I talked to my dad on the phone today and mentioned my little scenario. He sounded mildly concerned, which motivated me to try to find this piece of paper one more time. I casually opened up a couple of envelopes. Nothing. Then I saw this big white envelope and I curiously peeked inside, and there it was!! The exact thing I needed! It was there the whole time! (It reminds me of The Alchemist, sort of!)

I think my dad was so happily preoccupied with planning his trip to Greece that he forgot to give me this id card. Now I can finally take my car for its inspection!

Just to top it all off, when I got home from work, I got the mail from the mailbox and what did I receive? Yup, the id card came in the mail today! Isn’t that something…

I think the universe was trying to tell me something. My interpretation of the whole thing is this: when you look for something in a frenzy (from a place of not having it, and not believing you can find it) you won’t find it. If you are calm, casual, and most of all believing that it’s possible, then it will happen. The bottom line is to be light, trusting, and open. And the other part of this is: it was there the whole time. I created a stressful situation out of something that could have been so easy! I’ve been feeling stressed out lately because of my current job and a few other things that have been going on and this situation reflected my state of mind…

So, I am making it my project, my experiment, to be in a relaxed and trusting state of mind, knowing that I will find exactly what I’m looking for!

What I learned from my orange gerber daisy plant

I bought a lovely potted gerber daisy plant a few weeks ago at the supermarket. I was so drawn to the gorgeous orange and yellow colors…it reminded me of a vibrant sunset. And the price was $3.33 so how could I not get it! And it felt extra special to me because a couple of days later, I noticed the Sounds True catalog I received had a huge orange gerber daisy on the front cover!

I was so happy and excited about it, that I made sure I took care of it. I mean, I really took care of it…a little too much. I watered it so much that I killed it! I was upset at first, but then I thought: everything is symbolic. Everything is teaching me something, so what is this teaching me? And I realized that I’ve been “watering” myself too much in terms of trying to understand spiritual principles, and trying to make huge changes in my life, practicing meditation and reading and writing in all my spare time. I’m trying way too hard! I’m smothering myself!

So I’ve decided to try a new approach: for the next thirty days, I’m going to rest my mind and my body, and just take it easy all around. I have never tried this before, so I know it’s going to take practice. I’m only going to read if I feel inspired to…in fact, I’m only going to do what inspires me, and if something doesn’t inspire me, I’m going to look for the most positive aspects of it. I like this!