Monday, September 27, 2010

Life is Taking on a Magical Quality

I’ve heard Abraham talk about how when you’re in the vortex, everything you want flows easily into your experience. Here are a couple of stories about how I’m really finding this to be for real!!!

When I was in Santorini, Greece in 2005, my cousin Yiota and I had the most delicious tea I had ever tasted in my life. It was green tea with Jasmine. I never forgot the intense yet delicate flavor. In fact, I kept the little tag so I would remember the loveliness of the experience. Since then, I’ve been searching for jasmine tea without the caffeine, but every place I went always had the green tea version of it. I pretty much gave up and forgot about it.

The other day, I was at the grocery store, just doing some food shopping, and I walked by the aisle with all the different iced teas like Snapple, Lipton, etc. And I noticed these lovely slim bottles. I looked at the label and it said “Organic Jasmine Tea.” That’s it. It’s just Jasmine tea, and nothing else! I was in amazement! I wasn’t even looking for it! I think I know the reason why I found it:

Lately I’ve been deliberately focusing on feeling positive emotions. Sometimes I do it while I’m meditating in the morning, or while I’m driving or anything, really. Whenever I think of it, I’ll deliberately shift into a more positive emotional state (This is what Abraham means by being in the vortex). 

I keep my makeup in this huge bag that I literally empty out onto my desk every morning. When I dropped my gorgeous Kat Von D makeup palette and noticed a piece of my favorite color chipped off, I realized it was time to try something different! I remembered I bought these clear plastic makeup holders a few years ago, and they’ve been holding some jewelry I’ve had for years that I never wear.

So, tonight I found one of them and as I was transferring the jewelry into another container, I found the tag I kept from my jasmine tea experience in Greece from five years ago! I picked it up and I could feel chills at the back of my neck!

It made me feel so connected, so loved, so supported by the Universe!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pinecones and Oneness

A few days ago, I came across some books I had bought by Marc Allen a few years ago. His writing is very simple and easy to read. I went to his website and came across a blog he wrote about a year ago. He described his daily practices and some of his prayers and affirmations. He also talked about the shrine he has in his bedroom. It has things you would normally imagine like a picture of Jesus, Buddha, angels, incense, candles, pinecones—pinecones? I thought it was so adorable that he has pinecones on his shrine! Obviously they mean something to him.

Well, the next day, I looked out my window, up at one of the tall trees in my backyard, and what did I see? Yes, pinecones. Part of my morning ritual is I sit at my desk, facing the window. I look outside and watch nature. I admire the trees, I look for birds, butterflies, deer…Why hadn’t I noticed the pinecones before? Did they just pop out? Were they there all along but I just didn’t see them?

I think what happened was this: when I read about how Marc has pinecones on his shrine, it struck me as really interesting and funny. It was sort of lit up in my awareness, you could say. It was evidence of the law of attraction in action. It was yet another synchronicity, showing me that I am truly connected with everyone and everything—even pinecones!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Onto Something!

Okay so I think I’m onto something. I think I’m getting somewhere because a couple of really cool things just happened:

I had the gentle urge to turn on my computer. I looked at the picture I have on my screen of a really nice living room, and felt like I wanted to look for another picture to put on my screen. So I opened up my file of pictures and two pictures of my friend and her baby got my attention. I noticed those little orbs that sometimes show up in pictures. Some people think they’re energy orbs or angel orbs. Some people think they’re just distortions in the picture.

Then, literally a few seconds later, I opened up my email and in the subject line of one of the newsletters I receive, it said “Orbs and More.” And yes, the topic was these orbs that show up in pictures! I was gently astounded by the absolute speed of this synchronicity!

Earlier this morning, I started straightening out some stuff in the back of my closet. I found this cute pink satin bag I got from Victoria’s Secret a few years ago. It says “sexy little things” on it in rhinestones, and it has these little strings that tie it together. I looked at it and appreciated the silky feel of it, and then put it away and forgot about it.

I’m on the Victoria’s Secret email list. I opened up the email from them a little while ago, and there was an offer for a free lingerie bag with your purchase. And the bag looked just like the one I found this morning, except it was white with a picture of pink bra and panties on it!

I really feel like this is evidence that I’m more and more connected and at one with Source. I’ve been deliberately stepping into states of being that feel so much better than I’m used to. And I’m noticing my world changing. This is a good thing. I want my world to change! I want to move toward an existence that is delicious and irresistible and fun and free and magical…yes!