Tuesday, August 24, 2010

English Cottage and Race Car Dreams

An episode of House Hunters on HGTV really sticks out in my mind. It featured an adorable young couple who were moving from Utah to England. Amazingly, beautifully, and harmoniously, they were both about to actualize their dreams.

The husband had always dreamed of designing race cars for a very specific company, and the wife was a huge Jane Austen fan, and had always dreamed of living in an English cottage.

They seemed like such a sweet, family-oriented, genuinely happy, loving couple. They were already living a happy life when the husband got a job offer for the very same company he had been dreaming about working for his whole life, and the location was in Oxford, England—a quintessential English town. And as you might have guessed, they moved into a quintessential English cottage!

This story delighted me so much. It shows the power of believing in your dreams, and knowing that they will be fulfilled. This is a perfect example of the law of attraction in action!

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