Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Fun Taylor Hicks Synchronicity

The other day, I was talking to my mom about the law of attraction and how we create our reality with the power of our thoughts. It was such a fun conversation, and she was really getting it! A little while later, I had a similar conversation with my dad.

They were about to leave to run some errands, and I was about to leave, as well. My mom was expressing that she’s not sure if she wants to go gray, or keep dying her hair dark brown. She said that she doesn’t want to feel old. I told her, “Having grey hair has nothing to do with age. Remember Taylor Hicks from American Idol? He was in his late twenties and he had grey hair. It’s all about how you feel.”

So as we were leaving, I asked my dad to shut off his television. He has this television that has to be shut down a certain way, and I dare not touch it! All of a sudden, my mom yells out, “It’s Taylor Hicks!!!” I looked at the screen and there he was! Now, I haven’t seen or heard anything from him in at least a couple of years. And there he was, grey hair and all, on the television screen.

Just imagine the orchestration that had to go on for that moment to occur. I was in awe of this delightful synchronicity. I was speechless! Finally I said to my parents: you see, this is the law of attraction in action! (I looked on the info box, and it's called "American Idol Rewind" where they show past seasons of the show.)

I realize that I allowed this moment in because I was in such a good feeling place, and I wasn’t trying to “make” anything happen. I was just happily going about my day, and I allowed this uplifting moment into my experience. This universe is a delightful, magical place. It’s all about how you feel! When you feel good, you are in the higher vibrations, and that’s where all the fun is!


Maria said...

I believe in synchronicity and the law of attraction. I try to widen my very narrow human-mindedness that is very ingrained, and really understanding that, it has opened up some doors inside and my vision is widening.
Great blog! :)

Angela said...

Thanks for your comment Maria! I love synchronicities. To me, they are indicators that I am wonderfully and delightfully supported by the Universe! It takes practice to take on new ways of thinking...it's like learning any skill.