Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Fun Date!

I went on a date on Tuesday evening with the guy I mentioned in a previous post. It was one of the best dates ever! We didn’t talk about the usual stuff like past relationships, etc. It did not feel like an interview. It felt like a fun, flowing conversation between two vibrant beings!

I went into it thinking: this is going to be fun. I’m going to enjoy myself and be inspired and enjoy the conversation and enjoy the food and the atmosphere…and that’s exactly what happened. There were no awkward moments. I felt very comfortable and quite simply, I had a great time! We both wanted to stay longer, but it started snowing, so we had to call it a night.

I was not wondering things like: is he the one? Where is this going? How should I act? What should I say?

It was more like: Wow, this guy is interesting! He is funny, smart, he has traveled to really interesting places. I wonder what else I can learn from him…I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and I was really enjoying his company.

Even now, I’m not concerned about the future of our interaction. I am going with the beautiful flow of life and I am focusing on feeling good. I’m learning that when I feel good, things just unfold magnificently.

I’m looking forward to what’s next!


andchia88 said...

You are awesome. Enjoy!

Angela said...

Aww thank you :)
I'll keep you posted on what happens!!