Friday, February 26, 2010

My Fantasy Day!

You won’t believe the day I just had! It was filled with sunshine and flowers…quite literally. I went to the most glorious Botanical Garden you could ever imagine. It felt more like an enchanted garden. It was filled with the most gorgeous flowers, trees, and plants I’ve ever seen. There were butterflies, ladybugs, birds chirping; there were happy, smiling people; the sun was shining. It was a glorious day!

I felt so connected to the Universe, to my Higher Self, to everyone around me, to humanity, and to Source Energy.

I spent this day with three of my closest friends. We all felt such a beautiful connection to each other and to our incredible surroundings. We had a glorious meal at a local restaurant. The food was so fresh, so satisfying, so delicious! We enjoyed this delightful meal, and we had a beautiful conversation.

All of my senses were delighted: I saw so many gorgeous sights, including all the amazing flowers, the cherry blossom trees, the vast blue sky, the birds, all the happy people; I smelled so many wonderful fragrances, including the fragrance of the flowers of course, and the aromas of our delicious meal; I felt the energetic hugs from the Universe throughout my day, I loved the hugs shared between me and my friends, and I felt connected to everyone; I enjoyed our delicious lunch, which included fresh gourmet food, tira misu for dessert, and the most delicious tea I ever tasted! I also enjoyed the sounds of the birds chirping, the sound of the conversation among me and my friends, and the sounds of the people around us.

This was such a magical day, and I will always remember all the beautiful feelings I felt all day! I love knowing that I can reach for these feelings at any time, and recreate them in my now moment.

And I also love knowing that I can create days like this any time I want to. Life is amazing and magical, and I love being such a powerful, deliberate creator.

I wonder what fun I’ll have tomorrow...

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