Monday, February 8, 2010

My Continuing Theme of Imagination and Pleasure

I have the pleasure of receiving the Abraham-Hicks quote of the day. It's amazing how often I relate to the daily quote, on a very personal level.

Today's quote was no exception. It goes right along with my current theme of imagination and pleasure. Check it out:

Be easy about it. Don't rush into things. Savor them more. Make more plans and be more deliberate and specific about the plans that you are making, and in all that you do, let your dominant intent be to find that which pleasures you as you imagine it. Let your desire for pleasure, your desire for feeling good, be your only guiding light. As you seek those thoughts that feel good, you will always be in vibrational harmony with the Energy that is your Source. And under those conditions, only good can come to you, and only good can come from you.”

-- Abraham

I highly recommend reading this quote sentence by sentence.

When I heard about the idea of imagining what you want and envisioning what you want to create, I was concerned about not being present. I was thinking: if I’m always focused on my goals, am I losing the present moment?

Their quote from February 5th totally answered my question:

“People say. ‘If I'm always setting goals and reaching for the future, then am I not squandering my now?’ And we say if in your now you're using a future event to make you feel good, you are still feeling good in your now. And that's the best use of now that you could ever find.”


Abraham talks a lot about the importance of feeling good. I have come to understand that the reason it’s so important is because when you feel good, you attract more good to you. When you feel good, you are aligned with who you really are, and life just unfolds magically….ahh, I love it!

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Interesting blog!! Great job!!


Angela said...

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the positive words!

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