Monday, February 8, 2010

More fun with the Law of Attraction!

I’m getting to a place where I am expecting miracles to happen. I am expecting coincidences and synchronicity. I am expecting manifestations to happen easily.

Last night, I read a chapter from “Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts” entitled The Womanly Art of Flirtation. Just the thought of being flirtatious for the sheer pleasure of it sounded good to me. I really enjoyed reading the fun stories of other Sister Goddesses (which is what Mama Gena calls all women) and the delightful experiences they had.

I put the book away, put some belly dancing music on and got ready to go out to dinner with my parents. Lo and behold, when we sat down at our table, an opportunity to flirt came right up to greet me. Our waiter was so nice, so friendly, so cute, and very attentive to our needs. I took Mama Gena’s advice and simply felt good about myself and enjoyed myself in the moment. I think he could feel it because he kept giving me these really sweet glances! It was really enjoyable and the best part is I wasn’t doing it to try to make something happen. I was doing it for the sheer pleasure of it!

Another cool thing that happened: I made a wonderful list of things that make me feel good. I’ve been learning about the power and the importance of feeling good now, so I decided to make a list of everything I could think of. It started out small but the list grew to about ninety things! I’ve really been wanting to get a massage and a facial, but I just haven’t allowed it in…until now! I This evening at work, they need to train someone to do the cold stone facial massage, and they asked me if I could be the person to receive it! Uh, yeah! How cool is this?

I love focusing on what I want and then enjoying the pleasure of letting it in…

Life is awesome! I am so excited to see what else I can allow in!

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