Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peacocks and Ladybugs

I have had the immense pleasure of synchronicities involving peacocks and ladybugs for the last few weeks.

First the ladybugs...I was sitting at the dining room table when something caught my attention. It was a ladybug flying around! I walked closer and I saw another one, and another...there must have been about seven or so! I spent about 30 minutes, freeing them one by one. I wondered if their visit had any spiritual significance. I tend to look at everything symbolically, and I always look for the meaning behind everything that I experience. I did a little research online and discovered that:

"The name Ladybug originated in Europe during the Middle Ages, when insects were destroying the crops. Catholic farmers were said to have prayed to the Virgin Mary for help. Soon after, Ladybugs appeared and began eating the pests and saved the crops from destruction. The farmers began to call the Ladybugs “the Beetles of Our Lady” and eventually they were known as Lady Beetles. The Ladybug's red wings are said to represent the Virgin's cloak and the black spots her joys and sorrows." (from

This felt significant to me, since I recently had a past life reading done. I was told that I spent time in Mother Mary's presence...

The peacock synchronicities have been amazing and delightful...and persistent! I know that I am a creative being and I can cause things to come into my reality, but that's not what's going on with the peacocks! They just keep showing up! I just keep seeing pictures of them everywhere: on two friend's pages on facebook, on a box of cards at the bookstore; there's even a peacock ornament on my parent's christmas tree!!! (seriously!!) Also, I've been cleaning out my bedroom, and I suddenly felt the need to open my CD drawer. I reached into it and pulled out a CD that I bought in Greece about 4 years ago called "MMM Summer." And yes, there is a peacock feather on the cover...Amazing! These are signs that you just can't ignore.

I looked up their meaning and I discovered the following:

"Beautiful and proud, the Peacock represents the energies of pride, dignity and beauty. The Peacock's distinct feathers have been used by many cultures for healing purposes. The message of the Peacock reminds us of the beauty that always surrounds us."

I've been hiding my beauty and my gifts, and I feel like the message these peacocks are trying to give me is this: spread your gorgeous wings! Show your beauty to the world and inspire them to show theirs! Be proud of who you are. What good is it to hide indoors, with a false sense of security? You are always safe in the arms of the Divine. Trust that! It's time now, to shine.

Wow, so inspiring! I'm so grateful!!

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