Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Cure for Loneliness

I had a fantastic evening on Wednesday. I spent it with a group of interesting, kind, loving people! And it was all because of! I've known about this website for years, and I would often type in different subjects out of curiosity...but I never actually attended any meetup groups. I had always felt kind of shy and awkward about it.

But this time it was different. I've been going through a reflective stage recently. It's been a great time of learning and growth for me. I've had plenty of peaceful moments of meditation and connection to the Creator. But it was starting to feel lonely.

I have a small circle of close friends, and many of them live kind of far--about an hour away. Some live closer, but their lives are so busy! I've been wanting to make new friends locally...especially with people who are into meditation, the law of attraction, and other spiritual subjects.

I had heard about this particular group from a friend of mine who also does Matrix Energetics. She posted an update about it on her facebook page! It was a Law of Attraction meetup group, and I was instantly intrigued.

I had such a nice evening. It was so great to talk about my favorite subjects with people who speak my language! Of course, I love and value my current friendships, but it's always great to meet new people and share ideas and inspiring stories. It helps you expand and grow in countless ways! And it's the cure for loneliness :)

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