Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aligned with Wonderland

I went into the garage to get something yesterday, and I saw a book sitting on top of a shelf. It was a 1940 edition of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." This was a graduation present given to me by my English teacher in high school. I started reading a few pages and soon my mind was filled with delightful images of the classic story, and fond memories of my favorite teacher, Mrs. Chapman.

The next day, I picked up the issue of Glamor magazine that I happened to buy a couple of days before, and in it, there was a quick little note saying that Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland is coming out this Winter! Isn't that amazing? I love being so aligned with the universe. I hadn't seen or thought about this book in years, and all of a sudden, there it is, and Tim Burton's version is coming out in a few months. How cool is life? Oh, and to top it off, I never ever buy magazines! So, it makes it extra special :) And I can't wait to see the movie! I remember watching the version from years ago, so I can't wait to see Tim's version of it...

A Day of New Beginnings

This truly feels like a day of new beginnings for me. I read Lauren Gorgo's post last night and I feel like it saved my sanity! I had experienced three days of...let's just say "water issues." I don't want to go into it because it's over and I've moved on!! Her post was all about cleaning out the old and embracing the new. This was extremely symbolic for what I had experienced in those three days. She also mentioned that the date 10-10 has significance to it. It is a day of new beginnings.

And that's exactly how my day was today! It was fresh and new. I faced a fear at work, and it turned out to be so easy and even enjoyable! (Side note: I'm looking out my window and I just saw two squirrels playing. They even rolled and tumbled! So cute!)

This feels like a time of growth and expansion for me. I'm ready to leave the old familiar world that I've gotten to used to, and move forward into the unknown! It's all really unknown if you think about it...

I'm continually implementing all the things I've been learning. Especially meditating and merging with my Higher Self. This has been the most rewarding, exciting, fulfilling part of my spiritual journey so far. And I feel like it truly is just the beginning.

I'm looking forward to delicious, positive results!

I learned a lot today:

Doing what scares you makes you realize you're stronger than your fears.

Life is very symbolic, and even when things seem disastrous, there is always a gift in that situation, and you can always learn from it.

There is always hope for a new beginning, and there is an abundance of magnificent tools that exist right now, waiting for you to tap into them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Cure for Loneliness

I had a fantastic evening on Wednesday. I spent it with a group of interesting, kind, loving people! And it was all because of! I've known about this website for years, and I would often type in different subjects out of curiosity...but I never actually attended any meetup groups. I had always felt kind of shy and awkward about it.

But this time it was different. I've been going through a reflective stage recently. It's been a great time of learning and growth for me. I've had plenty of peaceful moments of meditation and connection to the Creator. But it was starting to feel lonely.

I have a small circle of close friends, and many of them live kind of far--about an hour away. Some live closer, but their lives are so busy! I've been wanting to make new friends locally...especially with people who are into meditation, the law of attraction, and other spiritual subjects.

I had heard about this particular group from a friend of mine who also does Matrix Energetics. She posted an update about it on her facebook page! It was a Law of Attraction meetup group, and I was instantly intrigued.

I had such a nice evening. It was so great to talk about my favorite subjects with people who speak my language! Of course, I love and value my current friendships, but it's always great to meet new people and share ideas and inspiring stories. It helps you expand and grow in countless ways! And it's the cure for loneliness :)