Thursday, July 16, 2009

Living Joyfully

I've gone through many phases over the years, especially regarding food. I became a vegetarian when I was 17, which lasted for two years. During those two years, I even became a vegan, cutting out all animal products completely. Then I went to Greece to visit my cousins, and my senses were overtaken by the magnificent feast of homemade Greek food, prepared by one of my beautiful cousins, which included lots of meat and dairy! I couldn't resist. Everything was so fresh and delicious. It made me rethink my food restrictions.

Since that trip to Greece, I've gone back and forth between being a vegatarian and not...I've even tried being 100% raw vegan for a while, but I just couldn't keep it up!

Now, I eat in a much more intuitive way. I enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits...salads, raw honey, raw tahini, raw cacao powder...and all the many wonders of the raw food world...but I also allow myself to have some fresh tira misu (only the best, from Whole Foods Market!), or some baked cod fish, or some other kind of dairy or meat. And in small portions...I realized overdoing anything causes an imbalance.

I realized that the one thing that remains constant in my life is my connection with Spirit. I've always been drawn to all things spiritual: books about angels, meditation, connecting with nature...I've been on this search for meaning and fulfillment since I was about fifteen years old. I feel like in the last three years, I have grown and learned so much!

And in the last few months, I feel major shifts going on. One of the major things I've learned recently is that our lives are meant to be joyful. We can learn through struggle, but it's not necessary! There are some really beautiful articles about being joyful on John Cali's website:

So now, my main intent is to focus on how I can life my life in a more joyful way. And when I'm not feeling joyful at all, I can steadily make steps in the direction of joy, and gently bring myself there.

Lots of love and blessings, all-ways!

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