Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Phone Call that Changed My Life

I love when people follow their bliss because it leads me to my bliss and the bliss just continues! Christina Merkley is a Life Coach who decided to follow her bliss and have Sheila and Marcus Gilette on her radio show.

I had the privilege and honor of calling in and asking a question, which has led me to some major improvements in my life. And it’s only been ten days! I can just imagine how many more wonderful changes are going to take place in the upcoming weeks and months.

I asked about the depression that keeps coming up in my life. I was told I have a hypersensitivity to gluten, and other allergens including dairy and sugar, and that the depression was physiological. All this time, I thought it was because of some unresolved issues from my past!

I immediately started avoiding these foods, and I noticed a difference right away. Suddenly, I had energy. I wasn’t tired. I wanted to do things and go places! I also noticed how much my body was craving fresh, live foods. I started doing research online for gluten-free books and recipes, and I found lots of great information.

I went to the health food store for some gluten-free snacks, and as I was waiting in line, a book caught my attention. It was a book by Victoria Boutenko, an author I was familiar with. I went to see Victoria live at a Health Expo about 4 or 5 years ago. I remember her talking about how her family suffered with major health problems, which all went away after they began eating fresh, raw foods.

My interest in the raw food movement (and nutrition in general) was reignited. I’ve been interested in this idea for years, but I’ve lacked the support and motivation to actually go for it. Now I’m excited and grateful for the abundance of information on raw foods on the internet. There are meet-up groups you can join, tons of free recipes, extremely informative websites and discussion boards…it’s amazing!

I am so excited and enthusiastic about this new discovery because I am already noticing a difference in the way I feel physically and emotionally. It’s a great feeling to treat my body well and I’m starting to really love myself in every way!

I have started this new endeavor with what I feel is the perfect book. It’s called “The Raw Food Detox Diet” by Natalia Rose. It’s perfect because it is not rigid or limiting in any way. It is filled with tons of valuable information and wonderful recipes.

I'm so glad I made that call, and I'm so grateful for this new phase of my life. I truly hope this will inspire some of you to make some positive changes!

Lots of love and blessings!

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