Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My First Green Smoothie!

I made my first Green Smoothie today! It took forever, and I made a mess...but it was fun!

Here's what I used:

A handful of spinach*
A handful of romaine leaves
A handful of basil leaves
3 small stalks of celery
One apple
One pear
About 5 inches of an Aloe leaf*
About 5 squirts of lemon
A cup of water*

*You can alternate and use all different kinds of greens, including kale, red leaf lettuce, collards, chard...endless possibilities!

*This was my first time working with a fresh Aloe leaf. It was messy and slimy, but now I know how to work with it. I did a search on youtoube, which was helpful.

*Instead of plain water, you might want to try coconut water, cucumber juice, or any other liquid you feel inspired to use!

I used organic apples and pears, so I washed them and left the skin on.

The lemon juice gives it a really refreshing and exciting flavor.

This quantity is about 2 servings (2 large glasses), which is good if you're busy. Just keep it in an airtight container in the fridge :)

It's so delicious and so good for you in so many ways...

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