Monday, April 27, 2009

Eating and living simply

I noticed that I've been getting caught up in trying to make theses elaborate raw gourmet meals. I see all these amazing raw recipe books, and the pictures are gorgeous and appetizing...

But I don't think my body is reacting well to it these days! Like yesterday, I had a raw pizza (which I bought) with this weird guacamole that I threw together, topped with marinated mushrooms. There must have been about 25 different ingredients! That's a lot for my body to deal with! I felt a bit bloated, heavy, and restless.

I feel like my body is crying out for simple meals, with just three or four ingredients, like a simple tomato salad with basil, lemon juice, and olive oil. Or a breakfast that consists of an apple and a mango. Or a simple snack of sliced avocado and tomato, with some sea salt and olive oil...that sounds good :)

I realized that I usually complicate things in general, and I'm even doing it with my food!

I think this week I'll simplify.

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