Monday, March 17, 2008

Following My Inner "Ding!"

Marianne Williamson was the guest on Oprah recently. It was so amazing to see her on the show! She looked radiant and youthful at the age of 55. The topic was Midlife. They shared stories of some amazing women who described their 40's and 50's as the absolute best years of their life. I was especially inspired by this woman who opened up her own Chocolate company. I could see the joy radiating from her!

While this was inspiring on one hand, it was a little disheartening on the other. As I watched, I said to myself, "I don't want to be lost for another ten or twenty years! I can't wait until I'm 50 to find myself!" And it was amazing: later that evening, I got really clear about my next steps: I want to learn Qigong. I've heard about it so many times, from so many different sources. As the thought entered my mind, I heard a "ding!" Louise Hay says she follows her inner ding…and I surely heard one!

I remember reading this profoundly inspiring story about Master Lin in the book, "Happy for No Reason." He talks about how he had injured both his knees while playing basketball. He was in constant agony and could hardly walk. He learned Qigong, and practiced it regularly. After two months, all the pain in his knees was gone. This story inspired me to tears. I've tried some simple movements, and I find that I feel peaceful when I do them. Now, I'm truly excited about taking the next steps!

I also want to learn other forms of energy healing. I've always been drawn to and intrigued by it. To me, it feels like it's a direct connection to Divine energy…a direct connection to Spirit.

This leads to another insight: I've always believed that there is a higher purpose for everything. I've had chronic pain in my left knee for almost two years. It seems as though the purpose of this pain is revealing itself. If I didn't have this pain, I wouldn't be seeking out a connection with God, or searching for my life purpose, or trying to heal on all levels, or trying to find my contribution to humanity, as fervently as I am now! I would probably still be unconsciously coasting through life. Instead, I'm finding out who I really am!

This is an exciting time for me and for all of us. I can feel a more positive shift happening, and I'm doing everything I can to continue the healing of myself and of the planet!

Sending lots of love and positive energy!


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